Don Bright and a losing trader

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  1. Don,
    just out of curiosity,what do you do when a trader takes a big loss or has a very bad week/month? what i am asking is,do you sit down with him or her and discuss their strategy,offer words of encouragement ect...we all know that the owner of a firm cannot be a babysitter but i am wondering wht the owner's of prop firms/llc's do in situations like that ?
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    I do not know but my guess is:

    ask for more money to be protected.
  3. i know that,i just mean if Don sits down with the guy for a pep talk and go over some of his trades ect...
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    Don probably wouldn't handle that trader 1on1 unless he blew his/her account which i don't think happens very often. There's a pretty large network of mentors/managers/risk monitors in place that offer constant assistance whenever needed.
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    Your joking right ?

    90% will blow out there accounts.
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    At Bright? That's pretty slanderous, you got any facts to back that up?
  7. ^^^^ I agree...unless you have solid facts that show 90% of Don Bright Traders blow out their accounts....keep your comments to yourself...Bright Trading has been in the game for quite some time, and to have their traders succeed is in their best interest.
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    Keep your spam to yourself jack off !!!

    Don are you hurting for traders that bad that you need to stoop to this level of spamming ???

  9. January may just be the worst time/month for a trader to have a bad month if he is living close to the edge. With taxes due and a fresh year oh boy. If it is a first time offender than a talk and look over what is going on with the tader's head and his poor trading. If it is a repeat offender and no more money " Don't let the door hit you in the ass" on the way out. Not the business for him.

    If the trader is not new to trading it may just be time for him to move on. Life goes on
  10. what i don't understand about an LLC/prop firm. lets say you put up 6 k and with leverage lose 12k. the firm is actually down 6k; what does the firm do if the guy or girl has no way to pay the firm?
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