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  1. Ok everyone... let's put something to rest again. I work in a building with wifi, and we have others who use our routers, etc. I was told by email that we have another case of someone using my IP address. And, to be honest, I just don't care.

    If I wanted to post my views here, I would....wide open, with no aliases. I have spent more time in the jokes section than I ever have in the Politics section.

    My purpose on ET is to share whatever I can as it pertains to trading, not politics. In my 7 year long radio show, I told everyone that I was a "progressive capitalist" - I have no reason to get involved in all this stuff down here.

    I do want to say thanks to the few of you who sent me emails to bring this to my attention yet again. I already asked one trader to never use my office computer again.

    If anyone here really wants to ask my opinion on anything, just do it...send me PM, ask me here. I'm not hiding from anyone, my taxes are paid, LOL.

    I have never tried to offend anyone on ET. It's just not my nature, so please, if anyone, on any "side" wants my opinion, just ask.

    Thanks again to, well you know who guys....

    And, please feel free to PM me, email me to:

    All the best,

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    What's this about, Don? I haven't seen anyone new post in the P&R lately that has been accused of being you or using your IP address (only the mods would know that).
  3. Oops, pasted incorrectly. This was sent to me, by email, from 3 different people. I have no way of knowing who did what, but my name came up, that's all.

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    Yep, matching IP's, Don Bright back from the dead.....

    Quote from denner:

    indythink = cgroupman.

    Bank on it.


    As I said, if anyone want to know what I think about something, not a problem. If maybe 50 people use my wifi, who cares. I'm not going to police my building, or the coffee place next door.

    Anyway, not sure what's going on.... but if anyone wants to chat, please feel free to do so.

    All the best,

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    That's interesting. Indystink is nothing like cgroupman. I guess Max or denner can chime in and explain if they care to.
  5. I'm going to make a point to check in here for a while. And, please let me know what, if anything, I'm doing wrong here. I'm old and not too savvy with all the new things, but check out my Prop post at some point....trying to catch up, LOL.

    In any event, thanks in advance for any help with all this. [

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    Personally I have enormous respect for Don and don't think he is cgroupman and completely sympathize with his frustration.

    The only reason that there was any resemblance to Don was that cgroupman claimed a rather large net worth (100M+). Probably just an bit of an exageration lol. Clearly Don has an employee using the network to post to ET, a non-issue as he says.

    Its the curse of being an employer and providing a network that eventually some employee will do something inappropriate on that network, that is, use it for something other than supporting the business.

    But now that the comparison has been raised I would say that cgroupmand and indythink78 do exhibit the identical behavior in those constant calls for unity while launching leftist snipes from behind that cover. Yes, I would say that indythink *is* cgroupman. So I guess I disagree with Pspr on this. The phony-centrist schtick is pretty compelling though.

    cgroupman/indythink should be a little ashamed after coming in here with that yarn about doing an academic study with his "brother". He should probably consider restricting his use of his employers network to the intended purpose and posting from home. I don't post to ET from my employers network and just use my smartphone to post during the day if I just *have* to post lol.
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    What a bunch of nonsense, you were busted stone cold twice.

    By the way don/indythink/cgroupman, what do you think your imaginary psychology professors who you were supposedly doing a study for would make of the bullshit, and lies, and games that you are playing in the P&R section? :D:D

    This is another blatant lie too, cause the reason your cgroupman handle was busted was because you forgot to log off of your normal nickname, and you signed your post as cgroupman,. then you made up some b.s. about how he works in your office and he walked in and made the post on your comps.... so it had nothing to do with the ip address.....and once again you are lying....

  8. As I said, I would stay around in this forum to see what is going on. I know who the cgroupman guy was, or is, or whatever. I don't know if he is the indy guy or not, or if that is someone else.

    Look everyone, I respect you all for voicing your opinions, whatever they may be, and just ask that you post anything for me directly. If nothing else, I'm always willing to yak a bit, LOL.

    All the best,

  9. I'm pretty sure its not Don who has 100mm, but his brother Bob. Don is the face of Bright Trading and Bob is the man behind the curtain. :) maybe Bob is Cgroupman/indythink. :p
  10. Again, I am not an expert with all the hacking, IP's etc. All I can say is that I know who the cgroup guy was, and asked him to please stop posting from the office. I can understand if you think another alias is posting from here, or the coffee shop, etc. But please, don't try to "bust" me for anything. If nothing else, I'm very wide open to everyone, always have been, always will be.

    Is there some significance to your question about professors? Perhaps one of you who emailed me can help me out with this?

    Just call me at the office, between 8-11Pacific some time to chat. 702.739.1393

    All the best,


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