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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by clooch, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. clooch


    Hey Don,

    I will be in Vegas next week in search of the best BJ game in town. Good penetration, a trackable shuffle with resplits and DAS on any 2 is all i need. Any suggestions?

    In between hits I was hoping to check out your trading room in Vegas and wanted to know if I must make appointment. I will not visit during peak hours.

    Thank you
  2. BJ == Blow job?
  3. And then good penetration.

    I hope after all that, he doesn't want free drinks, too.

    Wonder how Bright was doing so well. Must have a hell of a human resources department. Most business are having a tough time providing health care.
  4. Overall best rules are downtown at a "dive" called the Las Vegas Club. Most shoes will allow DAS, some double decks will. Look out for the crappy 6:5 blackjack payoffs on the strip...they lure you with good rules and then payout 6 to 5, LOL.

    Sure, you can call 702.739.1393 and come by between 8A-11A to chat if you like.