Domino effect in the NFL...

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    Well, now we got the second game postponement in as many weeks due to COVID. Will this start cascading through the league in the weeks to come? Especially with flu season starting soon.

    So far, not looking good. If it gets any worse and the bye weeks start to become unmanageable, I say start thinking about extending the season past the beginning of Feb. We don't NEED the SBowl to happen then. Extend it into the Spring if necessary, but DON'T be cancelling the season. That would be terrible.
  2. I think they will be fine, just rearrange Bye weeks and at worst get rid of the stupid extra week before the Super Bowl.
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    Don't the need the weeks to recover?

  4. Cam Newton tested positive and they benched him away and still played.

    The other Sunday game got moved to Monday night.

    they did a good job of dealing with it so far.
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    A Superbowl without fans in the stadium...

    Seems surreal.

    Makes me wonder what could possibly be the 1/2 time show at the superbowl. :D

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    Dude, what are you talking about?
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    When was the last time you ever heard of a Tuesday night game in the NFL? Oh, last night, for like the first time ever. Quite a thing. As more and more teams get these damned positive tests, bye weeks will get uglier and uglier.
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