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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by WECoyote, Jul 14, 2005.

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    I have heard that Domestic Securities or the old ALLLTECH eg Harvey Houtkin has sold the business, not just the ATTAIN ECN. Any info about this?
  2. I was there visiting a friend who runs the Market Making operation about a month ago, he never said anything about it nor did it look like they were selling anything(new office being built, new computors etc).
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    Some traders from outside have been saying that Domestic has been sold or is about to be sold and that what used to be the main building/headquarters in Montvale is for sale.
  4. Yes, they are moving to edison. The office in clark is still there and trading. tvale office is closing and traders from there will go to edison office. I dont know who is telling u this, but I doubt if its true.
  5. tvale= Montvale, sorry (last Post)
  6. Who cares? They are gone, they were only a highly suspect Soes bandit firm from the 90s.

    Get on with it man.
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    The market making sales trading --- but what about their Prop traders?