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Discussion in 'App Development' started by kmiklas, May 18, 2022.

  1. kmiklas


    Hey All,

    Can anyone recommend a good domain name registrar?

    Godaddy has left me torn and bleeding... I'm transferring all my domains out.

  2. hilmar22

    hilmar22 (formerly TuCows) is one of the oldest and most popular. I also use I've also used GoDaddy but they're big on the upsell.
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  3. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I use network solutions, but the domain registrar is way less important than the DNS hosting service. To be able to quickly and accurately change DNS settings on the fly that take effect immediately is way more important than where the domain is parked and registered.
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  4. Dynadot. Great prices, volume discounts,
    lots of features that make managing your
    domains easy. I highly recommend them.
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  5. kmiklas


    Godaddy really screwed me hard with this forced email change. They took away dozens of email addresses, and forced me to pay for them. I'm leaving the platform, and don't recommend it.
  6. I still use GoDaddy since I'm a comfortable lazy f*nk and it's easier to keep paying for a lukewarm service than make the effort to find something better (and possibly land out worse).

    Expect worse, btw. They're all a**oles.
  7. hilmar22


    I manage an old site that used a legacy linux server. They discontinued my free email so I had to pay for the ones I needed. I still had free forwarding so I could transition most accounts to forwarding. A few months ago the site was moved by GoDaddy to a new server which required some code changes to a very old Joomla installation. They did warn me for two years. It's not perfect so I'll be moving to CanadianWebHosting.

    My other GoDaddy hosting uses a new server with cPanel and I have free email via cPanel. I don't get free cPanel SSL (which is based on GoDaddy disabled that cPanel function.

    Customer service over the phone has been good and the agents did know their stuff.