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  1. I'm accepting offers for It was registered in 2001, is a "keyword domain", has good ranking for good keywords in Google, and has never been monetized because that wasn't the intention we had for it.

    It used to be #1 for the term stock trading, but these days it goes between page 1 and 2. It's #1 for the term stock trading tips, and the web logs show users have come through Google from approximately 1110 different unique search terms.

    Averages around 36 unique visitors per day.

    If you'd like to make an offer feel free to send a PM here or use the email on the Contact Us at the bottom of the page on the site. Would be looking for $XX,XXX; and fine to use
  2. $59.00. I'll paypal you right now. Thanks. It's not worth any more.
  3. Really think you are going to get $XX,XXX?? Good luck
  4. the1


    Any site that is ranked 2nd on page 2 of Google has real value. It wouldn't take much to get the site to page 1. Personally, I think the OP is missing the boat by not coming up with some sort of business strategy rather than just flat out selling it.

  5. True, it would be quite straight forward to get it back in the #1 spot for stock trading, it hasn't had any active SEO done for it since around 2006.

    I agree there are several strategies that could be used for it - I may end up doing something more productive with it one day if nobody takes it off my hands.