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  1. Hi All

    I'm looking for a free DOM simulation. It can use historical
    data. It must be on the E-mini S&P
    500 futures.

    Velocity Futures has a real-time one for $50 a month that
    shows trades,profits, losses etc. but I'm looking for something
    for free.


    Stephen Szpak
  2. omniscient

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    you can get a free $50k sim account at ... i think it is a 30-day account, but if you ask they will probably extend the trial. it doesn't use historical data, but it is a real-time DOM that you can use to sim trade.


    take care -

  3. omniscient

    Thanks. I have just e-mailed them about this.

    Stephen Szpak
  4. i think most futures brokers will offer you a free trial or trainer of their software.

    if i recall right, PFG best do a 30 day free trial of their front end with live data, and Global do something similar with a trainer for J Trader.

    Or if you already have an IB account for data, you could use ninjatrader in sim mode indefinately for free
  5. Thanks Arbitrageur and the gang,

    So Depth of Market can forecast the dip that occured
    at the far right of this tick chart?

    Stephen Szpak
  6. No takers? If DOM can't forecast this, then I don't see
    how it could be useful (to me).

    Stephen Szpak
  7. DOM won't help you there, too much spoofing. DOM can be useful on execution if you're looking to buy/sell a tick better, but it's useless for predicting a move.
  8. Okay. What?

    Sorry I don't get it.

    Stephen Szpak
  9. I thought the Depth of Market indicated where
    the buy/sell orders were, and their quantity.

    #10     Aug 3, 2005