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    Isn't this Jigsaw's specialty?
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    I have not tried jigsaw but briefkly looked at it..i have extensively tested Sierra and Multichart far Multichart is better but both lack the customizations I want..i will look at jigsaw in more detail but I do not think they have what I require

    multichart have a customizable Place Order and Exit Strategy section in both DOM and Charttrader..but again there are limits to what you can do..pity the programmers are not traders :)

    anyway..i will find what I am looking for..if not I will come up with a just takes time like anything worth while..daytrading the ES is not for those who do not fully understand what can happen if you mess around with index futures..most get caught in the algo traders cross fire..blaming their strategy or emotions..when the reality is that a retail trader has very little hope of competing with the big algo players..much better off to daytrade and use the advanced tools to better time entries and exits
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    I doubt very much gui tools will give you any edge in themselves. Nice to have maybe.
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    I have to be might well be right..and you might well be wrong!

    from my testing so far..i have definitely ruled out scalping for 3-5 ticks with tight stops using mainly DOM me a retail trader that is doing it consistently profitable and I will take my hat off to him

    when you put the volume delta on say the 5 min bar..historically you will see the lower values at the high and low of the watch it in realtime for an hour..or a will see how quickly the values change and that seeing the ultimate high and low in realtime is not that easy..but..if you are not looking at the big picture and the values in relation to the big will definitely see nothing worth any value!

    an edge..well..that word is often misinterpreted I think..after all..the real edge is being in the right place at the right time..but if you are unable to act and react to what you see (which is what the tools help you do) then it becomes woulda..coulda..shoulda :)
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    btw..if anyone else wants to join the discussion in relation to daytrading the ES using DOM and charts..feel far I have found multicharts setup good..apart from the missing items mentioned which to me are key at the moment..the ability to move a selected limit order with the up and down keyboard arrows or mouse wheel is prob top of the nice list at the moment..the buttons next

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    MotiveWave should be another one to test out on your list. We've made extensive enhancements to our DOM in our version 6 (currently in beta), which you can download and test now. We're very comparable to Sierra Chart's DOM (as of our version 6 beta).

    Highlights of the DOM are shown in these two videos:
    What's New in Version 6 Beta 1 Video
    What's New in Version 6 Beta 2 Video

    We are also making a lot of enhancements to our Trade Panel, including customizable buttons and that should be available in the next month or two.
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    thx Leigh..the videos look good..I will def test motivewave.. can't find any pricing on your site but found a review that had pricing options showing for the Trade option stil $295 for the lifetime licence and will it cover the new Dom features as per beta videos..and the new customizable buttons

    it would be great along with the new customizable button features if you had the ability to click on an active order on chart or Dom..then move same with up and down arrows on keyboard as well as mouse wheel..these actions are really something I am looking for and currently only IB TWS have them from my investigations so far..but unable to use TWS as their charts are terrible and they also lack loads of volume analysis features

    the broker I am looking at currently has CQG and Rithmic..higher commission per MES contract for Rithmic..but being able to show your position in que is well worth the few cent extra

    I will download and start testing the latest beta tonight..if I have any questions I will ask or submit to technical support

    please post link to latest beta download

    not sure if you have beta for all your package options..if you have I am only interested in the Trade interest in indicators or backtesting or automating strategies

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    All of our pricing can be found on our Products page here: (You can see the leasing options by clicking on the 'See More Details On..." link on any of the editions.)

    The Trade Edition is $295 for the lifetime license and includes all of the new DOM functionality (as long as you are on the version 6 beta or higher).

    The customizable buttons on the Trade Panel will be in our Professional and Ultimate Editions only.

    We do have the ability to use the up/down arrows to adjust an active order (but not using the mouse wheel). You can also click and drag it up and down to change it. I will put in the feature request to look at the mouse wheel option.

    You can always download our latest version from our Downloads page:

    You can trial any of our editions. The trial is normally our Ultimate Edition. When you create your free trial profile, just email me to let me know what email address you used and I can switch you over to the edition you want to try (sounds like it will be either the Trade or Pro edition).

    If you want to test out the customizable buttons (in Pro Edition), we can send you a special build with that functionality included--it's not in the beta yet.
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    thx..interested in testing the pro edition with buttons..have already downloaded and installed the ultimate trial..will email you at sales addresd for pro edition special build

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