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    yes..i am aware of the drawbacks with IB..but as with any business the ground work must be carried out first before it can progress..i have already identified some issues with sierra chart and one fcm..that if had not been checked would have caused a good few extra losers due to incorrect data being displayed on the currently testing multicharts and you have seen where I am

    most jump into futures trading without fully testing and understanding why they win or lose..imo trying to compete with the algo traders is a waste of time..due to their superior technology and data feeds..but..a trader can use the new advanced tools to decipher (to an extent) what might or might not be about to is just a matter of risk management

    thanks for the time..any worthwhile conversations are appreciated
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    I just wanted to give you an overview of some Trading DOMs, and see if you prefer one that would be suited to your style. For example, one with a better visual appeal for your specific needs.
    Some of the doms have short cuts as Robert mentioned, such as CQG.

    Here is one for CTS: CTS DOM
    Trading Technologies: TT DOM

    My suggestion is that we talk on the phone about your general trading needs, then find the right FCM that maybe have your software. I would be glad to help. The majority of our customers come from other brokers, so we understand the obstacles you are up against.
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  3. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    The NinjaTrader trading platform supports a DOM that can be customized.
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    thx Matt..I like Multicharts and just nearly finished testing I am using a special edition some features are I have asked about customizable buttons and keyboard shortcuts to move active limit orders.. waiting on response

    I will finish my testing and then come back to you by email..i am not in any hurry as my main priority is to get the setups as described fully tested with live MES trading before looking at ES..I have no time frame could take 6 weeks or 6 months

    again..thx for the replies
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  5. qlai


    What advance tools?
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  6. sillyw10


    Ray..I tested ninja in the past (around 2005) with IB..did not go for it at the time

    I do not want to spend too much time testing packages unless they have the following..

    chart trading linked with Dom
    volume profile - customizable
    volume delta - customizable

    so far Sierra and Multicharts have above..but having tested Sierra I discovered incorrect data showing when you show Dom on that led me to look at Multicharts..which also has a small bug in that the bar chart close is about 1 second behind the Dom when updating..but I discovered a way around this so it is not an issue

    just letting you know what I have found so far as ninja might have similar bugs that you might be aware of?

    my priority now is to try and find the right the right price (for now)..that will give me the following along with the above mentioned..

    ability to set up customizable buttons to move active limit orders quickly by whatever amount of ticks I want

    ability to assign or have default keyboard shortcuts that will also move active limit orders..the keyboard shortcuts do not have to be linked to the customizable is not a requirement

    if ninja offers all of above listed requirements then I will be happy to test..your fee structures are acceptable if software can do what I want..even though it will be a higher all in fee per MES contract than I have already sourced

    thank you
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    I am calling the following advanced tools..along with desired quirements mentioned above..

    the ability to map volume traded..or delta ( ask - bid ) volume on whatever timeframe you want

    the ability to show total volume profile separately..again customizable per session or bar timeframe

    the ability to setup you chart area to show the above clearly without causing "clutter" on the chart

    not all software has these features.. especially TWS..and you are at nothing asking IB to improve on Rob rightly said..they are primarily an institutional broker ( even though their 47 cent per MES contract is not the cheapest) and do not really care too much about small retail clients
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    You can do all of that and much more with MD Trader on the TT platform from Trading Technologies. Here's a brief video.

    You may try the platform for free by creating your own demo account here:
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    Cool, dueling sponsors.
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  10. sillyw10


    thx Patrick..looked at the video and then at this link

    I do not see any mention of what I am looking for as mentioned in previous I missing something?

    I have seen your software advertised on a brokers site but can not find the link to what the monthly fees are with them..again as mentioned..the fees and commission cost per contract are a consideration at this point in time

    some weeks ago I attended an online webinar for the micro e-mini launch..there were over 500 people logged in..the broker in question was not at the races in relation to available software packages and commission fees..just showing that a lot of people are considering taking up trading the new micros..but most will more than likely blow up several accounts as with spread betting

    having traded for several years..and now requirements are specific with clear set objectives in mind..i know what I seek is available..i am nearly there and just want to get what I am looking for at the right price for now as it might take me some time to get all my testing done to the way I want hurry..once all is set then fees will not be an will be more focused on reliability and stability to stop giving back money to the algo traders

    just making things clear as you all have taken the time to post..for which I am thankful
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