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    I am looking for a charting program or broker software that has a DOM similar to IB TWS BookTrader..I need to have the ability to customize buttons for various orders..such as move limit order up 2 ticks, 5 ticks, etc.

    also needs to have keyboard shortcuts and ability to move limit order on DOM with keyboard up and down arrows..or assign any key..again..similar to what TWS BookTrader has

    if anyone has come across or uses such software please reply.

    thank you
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    thx Robert..will have a look and check it looks like it might be what I am looking for..not sure what I will do with my IB account yet (IB TWS charting is terrible and they are way behind the others at this stage - their DOM is fine) as I had intended to fully test my index futures strategies using the MES..until I am happy with the consistency of results..the only drawback to that approach at the moment will be the usual monthly fees and all in commission costs

    i can get very good charting features and decent DOM with broker that has low funding and cheap MES commissions - no names :) - but once I am happy with everything and decide to move to ES then the monthly fees do not really come into it..the cost will be very small in comparison to the turnover

    i will let you know by PM as I am not going to talk too much in public about my personal account and what my future plans are..cheers
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    It helps to know that you are trading futures. We do offer CME and ICE US futures on RealTick. Most of our futures clients find the express version at $125/month enough for futures. The charts are great. Email me directly Monday for a demo with futures enabled.
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    You have many options for DOM, and they include the shorts cuts as well.
    Here is one example of

    Someone asked on our forum whether there are short cuts:

    Also, we were asked about DOM customization on Sierra:

    You can use RIthmic DOM:

    Here is one for CTS T4:

    Finally, you can see ours as well:

    Finally, we have the patience and expertise to find for you the exact platform that you need.
    It's exactly 15 minutes to get to the right solution, so do not hesitate to get in touch.
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    Matt..maybe I am missing something..but having looked at all the links I do not see anything about customizable buttons and keyboard shortcuts for moving active limit orders on dom and chart?

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  9. sillyw10


    this is what I want to replicate with a different charting program like multicharts..or similar..the charting software must have the ability to show volume profile and volume far with my testing multicharts seems the best in relation to charts..but it lacks the customizable buttons and the ability to click on an active limit order and move with the desired in this screen shot of TWS chart trader below..with TWS the buttons can also be set on DOM..once you move the limit order with any button it moves on the chart and the DOM..

    TWS is fine except for its charts..they are very basic and are way behind the likes of sierra chart and multichart..IB's data feed is also not as good as CQG from what I can see

    as mentioned previously..for now it will be only MES trading until I am 100% confident in my setups and ability to react fast enough to be able to cope with the algo trading when it kicks in..i can not do this with TWS as I tried in the past and the lack of volume analysis data has left me down several no good trying to flog a dead horse!

    commissions and monthly fees will be a consideration for now..but when I am ready to switch to ES the monthly fee will not be an issue..i am aware of fee structures and what the average current rates are

    thanks for the replies..i will choose whichever broker and package allows me to come up with all..or most of my current requirements

    edit..once you are clicked in the limit order well as any button..the mouse wheel or up and down arrows on the keyboard moves both limit orders up or down by 1 the buy and sell limit orders are linked as 1 and 1.1

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    One day you will realize that what an introducing broker to an FCM like what Matt and I offer is a better solution for active future’s traders than an online broker that tries to do everything.

    Good luck,
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