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  1. I do not trade forex but need to keep abreast of what it is "doing" (whatever that is/means). I have plenty of screen space and would like a free site - maybe something that streams that I could watch while trading futures and stocks. I trade 24/5 in a number of different markets so might like to switch currencies that it is trading against (is that right?). Sorry if this looks inartful. I'm trying to get to what is relevant in a subject I don't understand and cannot afford to ignore.


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  3. Thanks. I just finished in Aussie mkt. In planning my day, I see a 3 year high AUD discussed in their morning papers, a big night on our DOW, a terrible night for the USD on their TV media, commentary on their powerhouse - News Corp, etc. So your site is perfect and gives me something to factor in as well.

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    I tried that link because I'm also searching for such charts but my java aplets wouldn't load.
    Anyone know how to solve that problem?
    I use winXP Pro and recieve in a few charts an red cross in the top left corner and on the other charts I get the sun java program icon

    In my internet options I have: Java 2 v 1.4.1_02 with a V
    and also the MS VM (with 3 V's)

    Can anyone solve my probs?
    tnx a lot