Dollar is getting slaughtered.

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  1. Americans purchasing power globally is down more than 10% in only 2 weeks.
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    the only currency doing worse is the pound
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    As I said numerous times before get ready for the dollar to collapse, the machines are printing at a rate never ever seen before. Yea everything is fine and dandy, peaches and cream and plenty of green shoots to make you believe the economy has turned a corner, but in reality there is alot more economic trouble ahead for this economy.
  4. How do you figure? Cable has rallied 31 cents against the dollar and for a brief moment on the lows was at parity with the Euro.....
  5. Yes....the only "green shoots" peeking up out of the dirt are poisonous GMO crops with "roundup" sprayed all over them.... :eek:

  6. Just like Jim Rogers says "The stock market goes up 20%, USD goes down 20%...IT'S A WASH!" Investors haven't actually gained a thing.

    But perception is reality.

    I like the stock market & oil & comm. to go higher only because of the weaker dollar.

    ALL YOU 'GREEN SHOOTS' imbeciles: I'll believe we have a recovery when the STOCK market goes UP *WITHOUT* the USD Falling.

    When I see stocks rallying off a weak dollar I smell bullsh*t.

    I'll say again I think stocks are going higher (maybe to 1,100 to fill the gap on ES-M9 WEEKLY CHART)...but it'll be due to inflation, weaker dollar, comm. dragging it higher & pure chart strength...

    NOT due to 'green shoots,' or America's acceptance of our DOWNWARD SPIRAL INTO MARXIST HELL.

  7. Only 8% left on that 'flight to quality' spured dollar rally of '08.
  8. Marxist hell :D
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    Can't have a reversal to

    More Manufacturing in the U.S., tapping our natural reserves, employing Americans, exporting goods. If the dollar doesn't tank.

    I think this a bigger problem in the long run for Chinese,Asia Bloc

    Then it is for us.

    The good thing also it will finally unmask the federal government thievery.

    Its going to be a painful dislocation, but hopefully necessary to make some course corrections in the long run.
  10. Keep all your money in hair care products.

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