Dollar Intermediate Top?

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  1. You were under a rock? I am already sitting on a 1000 PIPS profit.

    You see your bloom whatever need to learn from people like me.
  2. Well excuse the shit out of me. I did not know God was here on ET, but now that I know I guess we can just all bow to you and make lots of money with no effort.

    To the sane people who may choose to read this thread, I turned on my charts at 6pm Sunday and saw the capitulation which happened in the Aussie & Pound around 4pm Friday. Looks like good reason to reverse some trades on those products. By posting this I was just looking for opinions of others without expecting a ranting God intervening. There has to be more data out there then one news story.

    Who's reversing forex trades? Who's not and why?
  3. I agree with the intermediate top. Most of the pairs have hit resistance and support levels. It should consolidate (This is my guess. I'm not too experienced in forex, but this is the most predictable market around by far)
  4. Yeah, I usually roll my eyes when that guy posts, too.

    Regardless, I'd say we're in for some corrective action for a few days probably until mid month, when we'll see the down trend (in the EUR) continue.

    Just my 2 pips.
  5. Sorry that is not what I meant. What I wanted to say is that I would not listen to articles from those places.

    Independent traders make money from banks, who then make money from others. and therefore one should not listen to banks on what to do as they are counterparty to the trade.

    Moderator: Please remove my first post above if the OP/others feel it personal. It is not meant that way.
  6. That is fine with me Ivan as I am open to opinions of others, and thanks for being frank.

    I would like to add to the readers to consult my past posts, roll a price chart of revealed price, and draw theirs conclusions. The readers will also read the attacks of others, and how the future price responded to them.
  7. Appology accepted and clarification understood. Thanks.

    If there's one firm's word I won't take to the bank (broker) it's GS. They are on the back side of everything they spit out. And why is it these investment banks don't have to disclose their positions when they give out ANALyst reports?
  8. Thanks, and you are well aware and well versed in the subtleties of the "game". You are a pro!
  9. Awwww. Cute.
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