Dollar hit 1.52 against euro

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  1. When will the Fed wake up and stop debasing the dollar? There is no bottom to this move until Bernanke gets the heave ho. There is so much crap that the Fed and the Treasury is spewing out to keep inflation expecations down that the only people believing it are Congressman and the dumb public who believe that CPI represents actual inflation.

    Oil up another $2 today pushing $102. LOL. T. Boone Pickens and his short oil position must want to gouge out Bernanke's eyes and skull fuk him.
  2. Gold $1,000 soon, that should shock the market.
  3. Agreed.
  4. What they want to "debase" is all the debt we owe. Even if everything costs twice as much tomorrow, we get paid twice as much, and your debt is cut in half. Voila.
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    You do not really think that wages will go up twice as much if costs go up twice as much?
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    The fed doesnt see inflation just like they didnt see the housing bubble.

    Expect inflation to get worse, alot worse.
  7. We could see 8%+ soon.
  8. Exactly!

    Finally someone sharp here at ET.
    Also, home prices will stabilize faster as inflation soars.
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    Well I just got my yearly 2.5% raise, so with inflation at 8% that means I really lost 5.5% of my salary.
  10. this is EURO /USD prognosis for 2008
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