Dollar held up amazingly well this morning, but has now begun to collapse

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Kin2, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. We're the new carry-trade!
  2. let me know when it's bottomed.
  3. We're the old carry trade, too!
  4. Long CAD is probably a good trade. They're gonna have to hike to keep their economy from overheating since American demand will shoot for the roof, since inflation is no longer a concern of the fed apparently anymore.
  5. poyayan


    Yupe. No domestic growth whatsoever and Ben is going to keep US dollar weak, just like how the Japanese do it. Time to borrow US dollar and invest in outside of US.
  6. Screw PAL. I don't buy things I don't understand... i.e. Cold Fusion. That's not even real.
  7. No, one should invest INSIDER the USA, not outside.

    All the foreigners who hold US dollars now need to exchange the dollars for something that is valuable. They will come to the USA and try to buy something variable. What's valuable other than mines and natural resources?

    So buying US based mining company is a good investment.
  8. Adobian


    China can buy all the US companies and thrive on that.
  9. poyayan


    Correct. Mineral will do, but not anything else that are based on US consumption story.
  10. emerging markets are now scared. Watch the flight to USD.
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