Dollar getting clipped today

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  1. Wall Street will now say a falling dollar is good, when just 4 months ago a rising dollar was also good, anyway the FED knows a falling dollar is NOT good when so much of our debt is held by foreign countries.

  2. A falling dollar will help support inflation, thereby causing the Fed to not cut, as the market so ridiculously believes they will do.
  3. when I read a thread with this title I am starting to think it is a good time to get out / go the other way. ( yeah, yeah! Keep nodding) ( ~ 1.2560)

    Thanks for the heads up!


  4. I know its almost insane some things that come out of these wall street pundits mouths. I guess it all depends what side of the market your on.
  5. this is a truly ugly move in the dollar....if euro punches through 1.3 (which it tends not too b.c europe and us dont want this - but it's inevitable imo)

    think of the exporter countries that rely on the us poo..just keeps getting worse for them....
  6. That's the stupidity of it. You nailed it right on the head. A US slowdown will affect the EZ as well, not to mention what will happen with a high euro. France was already complaining back at 1.28.

    I say give the EZ it's high euro. Shoot it to 1.40 :) I'd love to see the effects of that. Part of me wants to get in on this move, but the other part - the logical part - tells me never to trade emotionally on something I do not believe in. So I'm flat. But the sheer and utter idiocy of this always annoys me. I guess it just irks the logical thinking brain I have.
  7. seems rest of the world more concerned with issues of US growth than the USA is:D
  8. The pound broke all kinds of resistance...
  9. That's always been the case. And the US always seems to have no issue in the end. The "rest of the world", as you put it, ends up being wrong.

    Incidently, it's US spec accounts driving this move as well as the "rest of the world".
  10. my fav the aspac selloff, soo funny, bloomber reports: aspac mkts die fearing US growth slowdown, 2 lines below, US mkt hits new highs on earnings and mergers ...
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