dollar/euro dump

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  1. no comments from anyone about that sudden sell off? (even though we were probably all short ($) and holding our breaths as it went in our faces all morning....)
  2. EUR/USD has been a train wreck for me.

    all I can figure is that maybe the institutionals are moving it up in order to pump/dump it when greenie hikes the interest rate.

    just a guess.

    USD/JPY was the eyeopener, spiking virtually straight up all night.

    I was able to mash out some coinzy-zoinzy from that but like a doof I opened a long at 110.65.

    it'll probably tank a hundred points on me now.
  3. If you were using pivot lines, you would have realised you were in a sell zone hitting R1, and when you saw that stochastic divergence on the 15 minute, MACD divergence and that hammer, i think you would have covered your short position.

    Not to mention that attempt in a providing a double bottom!

    I think this 'sell off' was no surprise.
  4. and look at it now.

    anybody for a retracement? :D

    BUY THE DIPS !!!!!! :D
  5. I don't use indicators.

    I'm too good of a trader.
  6. whatever. it still came upon us pretty fast.
  7. Whoa... Skalpz! Are you for real? :D
  8. I'm sure alot of euro longs said the same thing at 1.2500 :D
  9. Or at 1.2000 for what it's worth....

    Not having a great respect for yearly pivot lines and technical analisys on daily and higher time frames charts, i would stay out of using indicators to predict large moves as that really is the playground for fundamental movement, don't you think?

    If I am daytrading, why risk large amounts of capital to assure a loose enough stop on a trade that could even go 200 pips against me before it becomes profitable?

    Position traders are much more capitalised than i am, let's face it!
  10. My azz is cozy here on the hourly and 15min chart! :D
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