Dollar devaluation continues - in full effect

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  1. Hey everyone,

    for those who do not follow the CBoT FF futures, this market implies now a whopping 80% chance that the Fed will lower by 0.75% until End Feb/March.

    This is while the stock market is around an all time high and $$$ based inflation continues to surge.

    I know there are plenty of threads regarding this and many of you know the facts, so why I'm posting ?

    Because it should finally become so obvious that even Jon Doe can and must see what's going on in US politics.

    For those of you who have (only) USD denominated assets, you MUST 'escape them', otherwise you will end up with a substantial loss that will shake up your entire life.

    It cannot any longer be considered as a "conspiracy theory", it is an absolute matter of fact, that when the US govt stopped on 03/23/2006 to publish M3, because it is "not so important", they cleared the path to a semi-controlled currency devaluation that will separate the "old-rich" (who have real assets) from the "new-rich" (who have paper cash), and furthermore, that path will lead to the new world order, where only these hard assets, these commodities like intellectual property, oil and gold, have some count.

    Take it for real: Maybe Halliburton will pump the oil out of Iraq and Iran soon,
    but you will pay the price and stand there holding the bag.
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    and that's Hill William to you.
  3. there're several sites still calculating M3 based on Fed sources and some algorithms etc...

    but, yes, green ink is being spilled on paper at an amazing pace
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  4. Is this from the shadow stats website?
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    I especially like the line in the PR notice that reads...

    "Consequently, the Board judged that the costs of collecting the underlying data and publishing M3 outweigh the benefits."

    An organzization that can print money is worried about costs?
  6. if they decrease costs they can afford to print more!