Doing my part to curb carbon emissions LOL

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    So I had to go over to the Ford dealership today to pick up a part for my pickup truck. I drove my 2009 Shelby GT500 convertible because it was 70 degrees here and pretty nice.

    So I pull in and am getting out of the car to walk to the parts department and I see a commotion on the sales floor. A guy comes running out and asks if he can talk to me for a minute. I tell him sure I'll swing through the showroom on the way out.

    So I walk up to him after getting my truck part and he has a trade-in offer for my GT500. The car just turned over 30k miles and is in perfect shape. But after driving the car for a few years I've become a little disenchanted because it is heavy and clearly overpowered for a convertible chassis. Basically it is fast in a straight line but a handful in the corners. It is stressful to drive and my pits are usually wet after driving it. There is such a thing as too much power.

    So I point to a 2012 Boss 302 Mustang and he takes me over for a look. It was already purchased by someone who unwound the deal after "his wife had a stroke and lost her job". The car is in the showroom but has 2500 miles on it. A classic unwind.

    After bickering a little about what kind of deep discount I might get he let me take the car out for a drive with him riding shotgun.

    Amazing. Freaking amazing. Only around 450 hp but it seemed quicker than my shelby and the handling was simply superb. I laid into it on a sharply curved onramp onto the Hollywood freeway and it was just on rails. The exhaust note is gnarly. Its the Laguna Seca version so no back seat just cross-bracing that you might see at the track. Forged crank and connecting rods and small flywheel so very quick revving with an engine brake that causes it to spool down instantly when you lift the throttle.

    I fell in love.

    I've bought an unwind before so I know about how much of a discount I should get but we were still about $2k apart after 20 minutes of haggling so I stood up and started walking out. They stopped me and got my phone number and said they would work on the deal and get back to me.

    I'm moving overseas but will be visiting frequently and my father said I could keep one car in his garage. Maybe I'll just leave this here on a trickle charger and drive it when I'm home.

    So 540 hp down to 450 hp. Carbon emissions reduced. The sea levels tamed. The Earth saved. Futurecurrents should bow down and kiss my ass in gratitude. :)
  2. Makes me want to get a tune up on my dodge caravan.....:D

    been maybe ten years now.:cool:

    wait make that 8...

    it's newer than I thought
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    Got a nice 2001 Powerstroke Diesel F250 Superduty Lariat crewcab I'm going to have to sell before I leave. It will carry 6 people in comfort and can tow 21,000 lbs. Its got a 55-gallon tank and a Ford Auxiliary Idle Controller and a few other goodies including a shell. Its 4x4 with a Detroit locker in the rear and ARB air-locker up front. I would certainly make a good deal for an ET member. :)

    My friend had a Dodge Caravan. Great for hauling the family. Pretty hard to beat it for that purpose. You have kids nutmeg?
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    Pulled the trigger.

    Nice little ride. Much easier to drive. Feels like a 40 lb pressure plate so not such a heavy clutch as the GT500. Revs quicker and higher and makes beautiful noises though it is pretty loud at idle.

    They had cleaned it up and it looks pretty nice. Kind of a weird color scheme but I can live with it. Saw a few heads turning on the way home. Also had a cop follow me a few miles on the 101 before he realized I wasn't going to break the speed limit (70).

    Yeah, I'm pleased with it. I'll get a picture up if anyone is interested. As I said though, the color is a little weird, bright orange, black wheels. Its more about function though than form for me.
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    You damned treehugger. :)
  6. It really is amazing how they're getting so much horsepower and torque these days, seriously. My big block from 'long ago' has about 450hp, but gets about 12 MPH. And, I have to add fuel additive just for that. I try to offset by driving my regular cars more often. Keeping the 'fun fleet' only for special occasions.

    Sounds like a nice car.

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    That's the only problem with getting a hot car. The cops expect you to be a speedin'.

    Maybe you could get the following license plate to calm the cops that get behind you.

  8. Please post a photo. 101 in SoCal I presume?

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    LOL doing my part. :D
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    Ok, what does MDLYFKRSIS stand for?
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