Doing great with google

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  1. I was losing my patience with google for not going up but now it is finally rallying and keeping the gains

    I went long at 413 last year and 450 and 470 and have makde some good $$$$

    Cramer said goog goign to 1000 and this was at 475 and now 15 points EZ to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    I knew going long and holding would work cause I buy good stocks that make money.
  2. Wowsers, you can probably afford 40 cheeseburgers with that kind of money. Tell me, is this picture really of you?

  3. ha ha I can always count on you to reply to my threads
  4. Yes you can mental midget...I really want to get you something nice for your 10th birthday, gift certificate to Toys R' Us be good? You can buy a new Hamburgler costume. :p
  5. What great trades have you made if your so smart? I'm sure you've beaten the market by a much greater percentage than I have.
  6. YOU HAVEN'T MADE A TRADE KID!!! You bought a stock...there is a difference between making a trade and buying a stock. Luckily after the next big market downturn you'll likely be gone.

  7. Only $8 more dollars till $500 again

    This time I'm sure it will hold above 500 without selling off.
  8. Maybe he's older than you :confused: Pay some respect :)
  9. wow up 2.3%..amazing

    People haven't forgotten about goog

    Should google hold 500 and report a great Q2 we'll see 600. The launching pad has been set. The 2 year chart shows the perfect drawn-out cup and handle base needed for a run to 600 and possibly 800 within the next year.

    Don't buy options UNLESS you are certain what your doing. Very risky cause google is quite volitile.

    My rule is buy aggressive calls if google gaps 2+% via a short white candle. And less aggressive if the candle is longer.
  10. UP ANOTHER $7

    Blasted past 500

    506 and skys the limit

    this is why buy and hold works when you buy my picks

    I know how stocks work dammit

    I see how they trade. I know how the bids and ask levels work to guarantee that they go higher after I recommend them. The buy orders of magnitude 'y'

    BIDU, RIMM, MA,AAPL, CHAP, GS, GOOG, all the stuff I recommend not only goes up but beats the market as well
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