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  1. Notice how he doesn't carry a gun either, he carries pepperspray. There's a reason for that : he's a convicted felon.
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  2. Of suggest that those douche bag skip tracer's are law enforcement officers is so beyond ignorant it's unbelievable.

    He's convicted for less.

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  3. Turok


    Not in the context of this conversation.

    I've had a couple girlfriends that liked dirty talk now and then so they've been used in the 'sexy' context before.

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  4. Yep, you're right. But they ARE generally given the legal authority to enter someone's house without a warrant.

    My bad.

    from Wiki-

    As opined in Taylor v. Taintor, and barring restrictions applicable state by state, a bounty hunter can enter the fugitive's private property without a warrant in order to execute a re-arrest.
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  5. If you're talking about a person you dislike for valid reasons the temptation is there to refer to that person in the terms most hurtful to that person. If that person is of another race the urge is to use racial epithets against that person because you know that person would find those references most hurtful.

    My brother lives in Hawaii. The population is only 17% white. Racism is the rule there; native Hawaiians hate everybody who isn't of their kind, especially whites. It's hard to love somebody who hates you.

    In black vs white litigation in the U.S., a favorite trick of black lawyers is to ask the white person in the witness box "Have you ever used the word n....r?". If the witness says 'yes' s/he's a racist and her/his testimony is invalidated; if the witness says 'no' s/he's a liar because we all know that every American has used the word in some context or other; if the witness says 'I can't remember' s/he's either being evasive or has a faulty memory. It's an especially reliable gimmick if the jury's loaded with blacks or kneejerk liberals.
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  6. There is no discrimination here. Niggers,wetbacks, chinks,jews,greaser, gloids,fatso's,bitches,ho's,faggots, dikes,gooks, fucking midgets, towell wrappers, dot heads, Timmays, etc. are all attacked equally on ET.

    Rennick out:cool:
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  7. And when you're in the witness stand and the opposition's lawyer asks you "Have you ever used the term......?" ?
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  8. And these are just a few of the names I call my kids.:D
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  10. don't forget crackers, wonderbread, whttrash, redneck, yogurt, whtdevil, wetdog, .......
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