dog the racist

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  1. this piece of shit was defended by another racist, sean hannity.
  2. I find it amazing that people with no morals , bankrupt character, zip for principles and integrity, rally and are ready to fight at the drop of a hat over a word, ala the matador and his red cape.

    The red cape is the righteous cause? What is really being sought here?
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    All the races don't like each other, get over it :D
  4. I'm a member of a race...I'm have no problem with other races.

    Tell us your issues.

  5. i never understood why the dog is permitted to physically assault suspects on the street and in their homes when he is not a trained active law enforcement agent?

    what if he gets it wrong? am I allowed to kick the neighbors door in on spec. can I throw him against his car and cuff him? doesn't make sense :/
  6. I think bounty hunters ARE law enforcement agents.
  7. Does using a derogatory word automatically make someone a racist? Is there a person on this site who can claim to have never used a racial epithet EVER. Sometimes emotions temporarily override common sense. Seems to me that this private phone conversation between him and his son was a heated on going argument about the quality of person he was dating. After all the kid is/was a drug abuser and served time. Perhaps his Father is so very concerned about him ending up back in prison from hanging with the wrong crowd he got a little insane?
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    >Is there a person on this site who can claim
    >to have never used a racial epithet EVER.

    Yes. It's never crossed my mind to use it and I would feel terrible if I ever did.

  9. Ever call a women the C word under your breath?

    How about a bitch?

  10. That would be a major NEGATIVE. Those two bit piece's of shit are NOT sworn law enforcement officers.

    That is all.

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