Dog the Bounty Hunter-former circus act?

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  1. After seeing a million ads for Dog the Bounty Hunter I watched one of the shows. You have got to be kidding. Are he and his wife former circus performers? The outfits, and everything, I almost fell off the treadmill watching. I'll never watch again, but holy crap I really just want to be able to buy about 8 channels to watch and never watch 90% of the crap on them. I think I have 200 channels or something supposedly, and I have a hard time finding anything to watch when football is off the air. I need to get more outdoor hobbies.
  2. I watch tv at night. Hard to find outdoor hobbies at that hour.
  3. Crazy show.
    What person, criminal or otherwise, would respond to a demand such as "Bond agent! Come out or we'll...!!!"
    Seems they'd get shot through the door.
  4. I read his book, his life is strange to say the least. Almost like loser makes good but still is a loser but how can you call him that because he has risen up from adversity but from his own series of poor choices.

    Does good, fucks up, rinse and repeat. Most people with similiar behaviours give up. Plus the guy lives in Hawaii, he's no slouch when it comes to money to live there, he finds a way.
  5. why is he allowed to kick your door in? that amazes me :eek:
  6. So funny when his wife chase criminals with high heel shoes.:D
  7. I would guess that bail bond laws vary from state to state.
    Perhaps Hawaii has some very loose laws governing "retrieval" of bail jumpers?
    I watched a couple episodes. He seems like a decent enough guy, if not the sharpest knife.
    That being said, he probably makes more from the show than he does from catching the "perps". So, maybe smarter than he seems?
  8. Ha, either that or perpetual trick or treaters.
  9. Ok, I have to admit, I closed it down early today and flipped through channels. I am looking at the Dog now. I think he may have bigger boobs than his wife. I read the riot act to my 2 oldest this weekend about this reality crap. This crap should not be on the air. I would love to see the world putting on the air footage of dictators being tortured and killed, but this crap and the rest, no thanks.
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    The 2 reasons what sell the show is exactly that, the circus act and the adversity what he had to get over to make himself somebody. And the message that even if you are down, you too can turn things around and have a decent life/job. At least that is a positive message, compared to Jersey Shore. (its message being you can be stupid and still rich)

    If the Bounty hunter was a short hair white guy with a mustache and a law degree, who does everything by the book, nobody would watch it. Their clothes, the big chested wife, the rock and roll outfit, they all contribute to the watchability of the show. Sure, it is not necesserily reality, but since when was reality TV about real life anyway???

    The show is in its 7th season and syndicated in 10 other countries. How many show survives 7 seasons??? Somebody must be watching it...

    Oh yeah:

    "The 200th episode of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" attracted more than 3 million total viewers, as well as 1.8 million adults 18-49 and 1.6 million adults 25-54. It is the series' most-watched episode since 2006. The episode was No. 2 in original entertainment cable program of the night.
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