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  1. This pet food recall is really disturbing. Working from home, I'm with my Springers all day long. If they got sick, I'd be devastated. Soooooooo, I'm looking into cooking for them. I read some of the crap going on in the pet food industry, and it's nasty. Spraying it with fat that maybe was in barrels for six months because dogs like the taste. They lick their genitals too. Why don't they just flavor it with testicles, and get it done.

    Anybody got any pet food recipes? The cancer aspect scares the hell of me, and I"m going to do it.

    As an aside, Larry the Cable Guy goes to Petsmart and is looking at a "dog water purifying machine" for $75. He asks the woman, "$75 for a dog water purifying machine???". She says, " don't you want your dog drinking pure waters, free from any contaniments?" He says, " I really didn't know it was a problem, cuz this morning, he ate a turd, and yesterday, he had his nose up the cat's ass. Do you have a turd- cat's ass purifyin' machine?"
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    This may help, two brands I've heard great things about.
    Merrick Pet Care is a family-owned business that began in the mid-1980s with one goal in mind: to produce the finest quality pet foods and treats possible. All products are manufactored by the company and there are no wheat or corn any of the products they produce. They also manufactor some of the highest grade canned food around.

    Specializing in gourmet pet food for your dog & cat. Holistic recipes combining fresh Duck, Salmon, Whitefish, Beef, Tuna & Chicken with fresh produce. Also another family run operation that manufactors all there own foods.
  3. We have fed our dog a balanced diet of people food since she was a pup. She is almost 11 and recently diagnosed with cancer of the hind foot. Don't know how much longer she will live.
  4. PEOPLE die from "people" food. and a dog ain't a human. better have your feets ckd.


    I'm getting this. Now I need something for the dogs to eat.

    Seriously, What I did was, bought some chicken at Costco for .80 a pound, Uncle Bens, some carrots, water, cooked it up. I'm going to puree it, freeze it in portions, and see how that works.

    Then I'm going to order some of this stuff.

    Unbelieveable country: Children starving, and we're feeding animals like kings. They deserve it, but it is wierd.
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    If you do some research, you can find some really nice, healthy dog foods. It's expensive, but it's good stuff. My parents feed their dog food with pheasant, chicken, salmon and all kinds of organic stuff. I'll get some info and post some links soon...
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    Jay, thanks for the links. I got some dynovite to supplement the dogs food and got some slightly better dog food but I want to take it up a notch. Mexicans know more about raising food and feeding animals than most people, they have been doing that well for a heck of a long time, the Indians especially. I know one guy that once a week gets some beef liver from the carniceria and grinds it up and feeds it to his dogs, they are unbelievably hardy and strong, happy too. Liver is pretty cheap he says. Wolves in the wild eat mice and whatever else they can catch and wild dogs dig for roots. A mix of raw meat and vegetable food seems like basically a place to start but not corn and wheat maybe.
  8. I've heard liver and kidneys. But the roots. I couldn't figure why they would put veggies in homemade dog food, but it looks like nature leads them to it. I'll be.

    Can you talk about the supplements. I saw a homemade one with kelp, and buttermilk powder. Sounded like something Uncle Fester fixed up in the lab. What is dynovite, and where can you get it? Any other ideas?
  9. I've been doing some reading about "people food" for dogs too for the same reason.
    There are a lot of recipes online for food & treats. The food recipes are mostly meat mixed with veggies & supplements. I also read about giving Gerber-type baby food too, the meat & veggie variety just not the fruit because of the sugar.
    Here's an easy/good frozen treat recipe:
    Mix plain non-fat yogurt with some peanut butter & sliced banana, then put it in a muffin tin & freeze.
    I'd be interested in reading others comments on the supplements as well.

    BTW...I read that even a small amount of grapes or raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs. Anyone hear of this ??? Also that onions are not good for your dog.
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    I misspelled dinovite

    my dogs seemed skeptical of the dinovite at first but after awhile they would wait for me to put it on the food before they started eating.

    I had a flock of pigeons that roosted in a shed in the yard and a Bassett Hound that was a crafty little hunter. On that diet that dog was very healthy looking, eyes bright, coat beautiful, etc. On the dry dogfood alone she did not do that well.
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