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    You know, I've had 2 dogs in my life that went 16 years apiece, and after the last one passed, I figured that was it, I am done breaking my heart. My kids grew up with our last dog, a mini shepherd, and as they matured and moved out, I figure it was time to worry about nobody but me (and my wife of 30 years). My niece allowed us to babysit a pair of Chihuahua's twice a year, dogs that I had no particular affinity for. I considered Chihuahua's annoying, yapping, bug eyed rat dogs that were simply a pain in the ass. But these dogs were different, well behaved, quiet, and fun to be around. My wife fell in love, and after a two year exhaustive search, we rescued a little girl that has won our hearts in a short amount of time. Three pounds of absolute monster and kisses. Let's hear your touching "I love my dog" story.

  2. My father's dying words to me were "It's all gone to the dogs."

    I thought he was talking about the cancer until they read his will .
  3. Similar situation here after our Golden Retriever died. I said that's it no more dogs, no more walking in the rain and smelling wet dog. No more freezing in a blizzard, picking up the occasional puke, having to pay for boarding, etc.
    6 months later we had another Golden, and I am walking in the rain, snow, etc. Why?
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  5. Some years ago, we adopted a stray which had been found along the side of the road with a mangled foreleg and a damaged back knee on the same side.

    Her front leg was amputated at the shoulder and her back leg need an ACL-like reconstruction. Before getting the back leg surgery, she hopped on two legs... couldn't stand still or she'd fall over, or had to lean against a wall to keep balance.

    After getting her surgery done and she healed-up, she withdrew under the bed... spent all the time there except to come out for eating and to do her business... for 10 years it went on like this. Her withdrawal wasn't from anything we did, but rather her life experience before we got her.

    Then, we got a Husky puppy.

    My office was in the basement under the bedroom. I could hear the puppy barking at her, "come out and play", and she growled/barked "leave me alone you little pest". This went on for a couple of months. Then, she apparently was lured out from under the bed and came to behave and interact like a nearly normal dog.

    When we got the Husky puppy, we actually got 2 dogs. When told this story to the vet, she was surprised... thought the annoying puppy would have driven her even farther under the bed... but instead lured her out from under to enjoy the last 5 years of her life.

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    Brother AAPL...Anybody who adopts a dog is a hero!
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    Because you have a personal trainer!
  8. Lol, yea and the cost is probably about the same.:D I still love that knucklehead. I guess he is a reflection of me in that respect.
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    Why, Brother Tango?
    You already know why.
    That's why you got yourself another fine dog.

    Let me say that I am half-man half-dog.
    Golden Retrievers are the best.
    Let me say that again...Golden Retrievers are the best!

    Take care of your pup because you already know he will take care of you.
    When you bond with your dog, those walks in the rain are insignificant.
    In fact, they're just all part of the fun.
  10. Yea I don't know what is best. I grew up with Shelties, and they were just plain fantastic. We got a first Golden as a rescue more or less as he failed a helper test. Boy they are kind dogs, and love people. Yea, while I hate wet dog and having another kid, I am the one that made the call to have another one. Nothing like having my buddy sitting in his chair while I trade, and then getting up with me to take a break. How and why they know it is break time as opposed to going to refill coffee I don't know, but he does. My walks during the day allow me to refocus. A pain in the neck? Yea, but so am I.
    Damn dogs
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