Dog dirt Volume

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by mgrund, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. mgrund


    Is anyone still actively scalping Eurex products?, or just executing a few trades per day.Hence this very low volume we have seen for the past 6 months
  2. Please turn out the lights when you leave.
  3. TsunTzu


    Lowest October volume for six years. Eurex are quite happy to sit in their control room and watch the market be abused by algo's in breach of their own market code on a daily basis. If they don't care about market integrity, why should anybody else. Bring on the FTT, the sooner the patient flat lines the better.
  4. mgrund


    The Algo's have driven away the old style Point and click human traders, those guys died with the dinosaurs.I used to maybe do around 50,000 spins a month, now however, I am maybe doing 1000 spins a month.Still clipping the same size but probably only do 1 or 2 trades a day ( and dont even trade some days ).Feel sometimes as its a waste of life, sitting on my butt all day just staring at prices waiting for a good position to put on-very unfufilling and extremely boring.
  5. londonkid


    I take it you are scalping bonds, I am doing well scalping the eurostoxx, certainly a lot of algos present but clean enough to earn prints 1m contracts most days. Still much cleaner than US stocks (dirty) and FX (cess pit).
  6. mgrund


    Correct, I have now been in the office for nearly 5 hours and still not traded.I am waiting for the Payrolls report to be be released, 5 hours on my butt doing nothing apart from watching crappy Youtube clips and talking crap to fellow traders.Very dull indeed.
  7. londonkid


    shirly it must be a function of your trading strat if you are sitting on your hands for 5 hours. plenty of action in the eurostoxx 550k printed already would imagine it will print 1m again today.
  8. If the market is slow, Why not just go to the pub with your working class mates?

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  9. RPEX


    I clicked on the forum because i thought some deranged exchange mafia had launched futures on dog shit. Maybe to facilitate liquidity in the dog shit-pig-shit-urea complex.
  10. mgrund


    The defination of pure dog dirt volume is today :

    272,548 FGBL contracts traded by 16:52:30 CET.

    We used to do alot more than that even ona rollover day on a holiday.
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