Doesn't look good for retailers

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  1. Parking lots are somewhat packed. Around 6:30 PM I visited the mall and I was able to get a spot all the way at the front entrance.

    On the outside, it appears that there are a lot of cars, but on the inside, it was very sparse, not crowded at all. 40% off signs everywhere.
  2. Everything completely jammed in my neck of the woods.
  3. Were there a lot of people at the food court or in the theater that you didn't see who were buying stuff online with their smartphones and laptops? :confused: :( :mad: :eek: :) :cool:
  4. That's some terrific DD.

  5. Lucrum


    I haven't even been to a mall this year.
  6. Daring


    Ya same here, I examine stuff through website reviews, youtube video reviews, then hit Amazon, and online retail places like that.

    No reason to deal with parking, rude people and crowd.

    Maybe I'm a hermit.
  7. wartrace


    Same here. Why bother? I have yet to wait in a line when I buy from an online retailer.
  8. bettles


    Only time I've been to a mall in 2012 was when I was having some work done on my car nearby and it was raining so I didn't want to walk around outside. Then the only thing I bought was food. Actually, that's wrong. When my TV (which I've had since 1989) broke back in September, I did buy a new one locally because I didn't trust shipping an item that large. The store I bought from is located on mall property, although not in the mall itself. And I bought it online and then picked it up at the store.

    I don't like dealing with crowds to spend my money. I do go to the grocery store once a week (but early in the morning before it gets too crowded). About once every 3-4 months I need to get household stuff at a Walmart or Target or the like. At those times, I generally take a vacation day off from work, shop fairly in the morning, and get things that need to be done around my place done in the afternoon. Other than that, practically everything I buy is online.
  9. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    I did all my shopping online this year and did not pay one red cent for shipping. It's a no brainer if you know what you want.
  10. WS_MJH


    Though it was nine at night, Best Buy was almost completely empty where I live. It was frankly scary because that location used to get lots of people. I don't think it's economy based; the nearby Target and the nearby luxury mall were both full. Bad omen for Best Buy shareholders.
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