Doesn't Anyone use eSignal and Trade the NYSE

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  1. I use eSignal to drive a software application, and I trade NYSE stocks. The eSignal data feed is supposed to provide Exchange filtering (e.g. IBM=N, charts only trades on the NYSE). Unfortunately, the eSignal application has a bug and doesn't work with exchange filtering. I find it absolutely incredible that I'm the only User who wants to see only the trades on the NYSE. If any of you fellow traders need this bug fixed - PLEASE inform eSignal!!! They are telling me that I'm the only person out of thousands of Users that wants/needs this feature. Maybe trading has gotten so tough that nobody even trades the NYSE anymore!! :D :D


  2. I want that feature fixed too. Where do you go to complain? Realtick had it which I liked since my trading software shows the consolidated prints of all the exchanges. I would like that feature on esignals time and sales window where I can specify which exchanges I get the prints from so if I only want prints from NYSE that is all I get.
  3. The following web-page identifies the various methods of complaining:

    I'm personally worn-out, I've talked to several LiveReps, started a thread on their Bulletin Boards, and have been sending e-mails for months ... I'm now hoping that I can start a grass-roots movement! :D

    Thanks for the support!

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    Stuff like this is why I dropped it, too many bugs, shitty options. I'm just using my broker's software.
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    Does the bug only apply to charting or also to the DDE link? I'm unsing the exchange filtering in a DDE link, and I thought it worked. Am I wrong ?

  6. I know it is extra $ but a plug-in like investor RT or neoticker might work for you. Or even Ensign
  7. To chs245: exchange filtering works if you are trying to access historical data, but it does not work in real-time.

    To GATrader: I'm using eSignal to drive NeoTicker, and it's definitely an eSignal problem, so NeoTicker can't solve it. The only other viable option with NeoTicker is to use a satellite feed, and I can't put a satellite on my building. I don't consider QCharts to be an option ... it's extremely unreliable. I'm definitely sticking with NeoTIcker because I believe it's the most powerful trading analysis platform available ... and I've evaluated or used them all.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    I want this feature too. I didn't even know about the =N option, but noticed the DDE didn't filter by exchange. I will email them with a request too. Maybe if enough people ask...
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    Ok, I was told you can filter for regionals by putting an ' around the quote like so:


    However, a friend of mine said he used this and still got bad ticks and Esignal told him it was because Excel couldn't handle the volume of ticks coming in or something like that.
  10. Hi Slave,

    For the others reading this that may not know what your problem is to compare with, I believe the problem you are experiencing is that when charting an exchange filtered symbol (say ADI=N), it comes up looking right, but as new ticks come in at some point it quits updating. Can you confirm that is what you are experiencing? That is the complaint that I have heard so far on this. I was only able to reproduce this once on my pc. I think that was a month or so ago. However, all other times I was not able to reproduce. Yesterday I entered a tick chart of IBM=N and let it run for several hours up to market close with no apparent problems. I then opened another chart and compared the two T&S windows and all matched up. So the problem appears to be intermittent and perhaps why we haven't heard from other users is that they are not experiencing it.

    Please don't misinterpret this as saying there's no problem. Like I said above, I was able to reproduce it a month or so ago. It is always a problem to try and fix an intermittent problem. If we could hear from other users that are experiencing this, perhaps we could find some commonalities to help us nail it down.

    For those experiencing this, please provide us with the following;
    - Ever install and run concurrently, TradeStation 2000i
    - System stats
    - eSignal version
    - Other programs concurrently running
    - Type of chart (tick, Standard Chart, Advanced Chart, etc)
    - Number of charts, windows concurrently running.

    This will help us identify the problem and fix it.

    Andy S.
    eSignal Support
    #10     Mar 20, 2003