Doesnt anyone here work at dimension trading? Blackwood Pro

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Nofear777, May 21, 2010.

  1. Please ! Someone tell me they work there!

    I just want to know how solid their software is, peak times.
  2. Wow noone? I just downloaded their software, pretty sweet looking. Hope someone can post here that has used it before (or uses it).
  3. Sweet looking compared to what???
  4. awful.

    crashes, slow quotes, very very DATED.
  5. Agree...I have used it recently and it is by far the worse platform I have
    ever used. I ran it side by side against Sterling and the T&S were so much slower it wasn't even funny. Plus it crashed twice in one week.

  6. Man THANK you guys.

    I had it next to lightspeed, (which I think is fast and retarded) but it was extremely slow compared to it.

    Also had some buddies test it vs hammer and anvil (rip) and it seemed on par with them.

    I dunno what it says about those platforms.
  7. Stormos


    Blackwood Pro is fine. Its a good platform, I have'nt had any problems in a long time. In fact there were no problems on black thursday.
  8. Thanks for the reply.

    When is the last time it crashed? Do you trade for BW or do you work there?

    And to the guys that say it stunk, how long ago did you use it?
  9. bump..

    Still looking for any info any of you guys may have about this prop firm.
  10. bumping...again..

    anyone else have anything nice to say about blackwood?

    Lightspeed is really upping my bloodpressure.
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