Does your Back hurt ? What do you do?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by philipjb, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Hey friends,
    I am trying to know how many hours do you trade on daily basis?

    Does your back hurt.. i want to know what do you do to make your back feel a bit relaxed.
    I usually stand up for a while, standup jog.

    Look forward to know..

    Sometimes i am trading for 10-14 hours a day.
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  3. Glad to know your back does not hurt... :)
  4. im sorry phil, i felt like being a dick tonight. :p :cool:
  5. Pekelo


    We had a thread about this a year or two ago, do a search, lots of good suggestions were in it. Like using treadmill, kneeling chair or trading while standing.

    Anyhow, here is a post of mine on the subject:

    Also, another thread:
  6. Lucrum


    ...but you don't trade, you deliver pizzas and play the ukelele in hotel bars.
  7. KeLo


    I stand while trading.

    But it's my understanding that Aeron chairs by Herman Miller are great for traders long hours.

    I might try a treadmill this coming year.

    I also recommend stretching and exercise. Good posture is important too.
  8. an aching back is the least of my problems. I try to devote most of my attention to depression, anxiety and stress. And if there's anything left over after that I worry that I am just gambling my life away.

    otherwise, I have something called a Papasan.

    my trading setup is very simple. just a laptop.

    I keep the laptop on the foot stool

    I trade forex 24/7 (if you want to call just sitting here watching my account dwindle trading)

    finally I get tired enough to put the laptop on my lap and stretch out and actually use the foot stool the way it was intended.

    usually that helps, but if the pain continues, I just try some OTC drugs.

    You'd be surprised how little back pain bothers you when the market starts moving your way.
  9. southall


    i chill out while trading, something like this:


    To paraphrase PTJ, if have a losing position i close it quickly, i spend the rest of time enjoying positions that are going my way.
  10. Haha, very true..
    Glad to see you trade forex 24/7.. I have similar habits too..
    Affects the sleep alot..
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