Does X_Trader have the same level of statistical reporting as Ninja Trader?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Kovacs, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Kovacs


    I can't run X_Trader at home as it isn't supported on Vista. I was wondering whether it has detailed reports such as the MAE/MFE/ETD for each trade, overall profit factor, etc.
  2. X-trader still not supported on Vista ?
  3. Kovacs


    It wasn't a month ago when I checked.
  4. Somebody on X_trader can tell us ?
  5. WinXP=yes, Vista=no
  6. bighog

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    Just because VISTA is not supported does not mean x-trader and x-study will not work with Vista.

    My Vista setup seemed to have GROWN up some and now even surprises me with its speed compared to the other older box. I have the box overclocked to 3.6 from 3.0 with no increase in voltage. Yes, it is water cooled and not stressed at all since nothing else was changed.

    Just in case though, i have a copy of XP PRO 32 bit hiding in a closet ready to be popped in.

    Will build the next box at end of 2009 when Intel comes out with the 32 NM next generation. That box should be interesting with a SSD hard drive or a 15k scsi raid-0 setup, DDR 3 memory, next generation vid cards, and whatever else they come up with.
  7. Tums


    are you sure you can save enough money by end of 2009?

    if might help if you take up one more paper route.

  8. someone ?
  9. looking for a free online virtual stock market trading game, anyone know of any good ones?
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