does watching CNBC help or hurt your trading?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by bat1, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. bat1


    I'm thinking watching the tape and seeing all the news
    should be helping my trading, now I'm thinking it's hurting
    as I'm thinking to much about the markets then my own
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    Turn that trash off.
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    And listen to some relaxing music

  4. CNBC offers decent insight if you want a general overview of market conditions, reports on economic events, and if you don't mind hearing the different analyst perspectives.

    However, if you're relying on those "Breaking News" bulletins for trades, then it's often too late and it WILL hurt your trading.

    You'll notice the smart money was already made when CNBC finally makes its pitch.

    So for having it run in the background, yes, but to rely on it for trades, forget it.
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    Good advice.
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    More good advice.
  7. I used to watch some of squawk box in the morning and then turn it off when that fat blowhard came on at 8 central. Now the TV doesn't doesn't even come on in my office until after the market closes. It is pure trash.

    Trash is distracting. Yes it hurts.

    Watching the tape to help you trade? At the bottom of the screen? You're joking right?
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    lol reading the tape from CNBC tickers at the bottom... that made my day
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    Melissa Lee does get me through every day though.....
  10. Sometimes you can find some real gems via the Breaking news.

    Lets say XYZ company, the news sounds bad. Perfect buying opportunity for the after a little research. Some breking news moves dont change the overall fundamentals of the company. But those ideas aren't out there everyday on CNBC to be had.

    I find CNBC good just for researching some names you havent thought about adding or taking a look at from time to time depending on your trading style.
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