Does volente and his "bottom calls" have any credibility?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by thorn, Aug 15, 2006.

Does volente have any credibility on ET?

  1. Yes, I believe in him and his calls

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  2. No, volente has ZERO credibility on ET

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  1. thorn


    Volente aka Bozo has made about a zillion bottom calls. He also seems to have calls buried all over ET in obscure threads.

    The poll question is: does volente have any credibility on ET?
  2. volente_00


    Who needs credibility when your closest competition is a multiple personality Schizophrenic posting as a hedgefund manager with a track record of shorting since 1150 under 3 different ids ?
    There is no way I can win this poll when the OP has multiple handles to vote under. But it is still nice you envy me enough to start a thread about me.

    08-10-06 12:24 AM

    Quote from thorn:

    What the f*ck do you think you've been doing all this time bozo?.

    I've been keeping your ass straight and exposing you for the fraud that you are jamesrubberbirdthorn. Keep it up and I will get you banned like your last alias rubberbird, of course it actually was a favor after that top call at 1180.

    Nothing like a multiple personality psychopath with a lithium fetish posting under 3 different handles as a 10 figure hedge fund manager.

    Quote from James Stock:

    you're always yawning, a sure sign of increasing lithium usage.

    if you want a friend, buy a dog, or continue sucking up to riskarb.
    If you want to make real, green money, follow my tops!

    Quote from rubberbird:

    lithium does make you drowsy.

    Quote from thorn:

    How stupid are you, bozo er dumbo? It was MY joke (and you're soo dumb you posted my funny quote that he responded to), and then rendick ran with my sarcasm. Man, take another shot of lithium you clueless loser.
  3. thorn


    Competition? You don't compete w me in any form, unless I go broke, move into a trailor and trade 1 es contract and lie about it. Then we're competing.
  4. volente_00


    I'd rather trade from a dumpster off of a commodore 64 than suffer from being a multiple personality Schizophrenic posting as a hedgefund manager.
  5. thorn


    So you already have your wish in life. You should be happy and stop the queer obsession you have w me.

    BTW, I guess we know you have at least 1 alias so far, from the poll.
  6. volente_00


    I have not voted but if I do it will be for you because I feel sorry for ya. Please feel free to pm baron and ask him to call my bluff.
  7. thorn


    either chit chat is filled w idiots, or bozo has 5 aliases.
  8. thorn


    please cast your vote in the poll
  9. thorn


    this poll about as big uproar as 2000 election results
  10. volente_00


    Silly bird if you are going to have a poll than we need proof for judgement.

    On june 13, I nailed the very bottom of the 52 week low in the S&P and we have since rallied 70 points.^GSPC&a=05&b=13&c=2006&d=07&e=17&f=2006&g=d

    And if you want short term bottom calls

    On August 10th when the S&P was trading at 1262 I posted this^GSPC&a=07&b=10&c=2006&d=07&e=17&f=2006&g=d
    #10     Aug 16, 2006