Does Vegas/gambling interest traders?

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  1. In my small group of friends(living in socal), they all hype up Vegas like it's the best place on Earth. Even people outside my circle, all hype up Vegas like it's the go-to place.

    I am the only one who doesn't see what's so great about Las Vegas and is actually turned off with just hearing about it. Only thing that comes to mind are gambling, drinking, and hookers.

    I was wondering if it's because of my trading background and if other traders on this board have the same view and experience.
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    Adults behaving like children let out for recess. I think it would be interesting to work backstage at the events, or work in hospitality doing banquets or setup. I did do some of this in Boston, and you get to meet a lot of interesting people. There are so many acts that come through Vegas, so many trade shows. I thought about driving with a company that provides the trucks for the bands, but after talking to the drivers I realized it wasn't that great. The money is OK but they basically just drive and sleep, no difference. To give you an example, a few years ago I picked up a slab of redwood about ten feet wide from a show in Orlando. Got to meet the guys from Redwood Kings, who were all psyched cause they were going to be on Animal Planet the next week. So I never would be exposed to that had I not been there. Anyway, as far as gambling goes, it's a waste of money. It's pretty funny to me cause if you stole someone's wallet with 500 dollars in it they'd be absolutely crazy yet they will walk into a casino and basically flush it down the drain. You can stand at any busy convenience store that does lottery and watch as people lose 40 or 50 dollars on scratch tickets and tell you how they are winning all the time. Very humorous but it does tell you how hard the politicians have it trying to manage. Or the clergy. Or anyone trying to help. Humans are very irrational, and many just don't have a clue. So yeah I would have to agree, the whole idea of Vegas can be nauseating, but it doesn't have to be. Sorry for being long winded
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    And what, pray tell, is wrong with that?
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    Gambling/ poker interests most traders, as like trading, gambling is about risk management. There are a few well known poker players who are also traders/ hedgies eg David Einhorn, Bob Bright, Steven Begleiter etc....Las Vegas is not a hedge fund, trading firm Mecca only firm that comes to mind is Bright Trading rather a place traders like to visit....
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    Nothing per se. . .
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    I don't see trading as being about risk management. I manage risk so I can keep trading. The bigger picture of what is changing in the world is more interesting than cards or chips
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    No. It doesn't interest me.
    To speculate has nothing to do with gambling.
    However, I'd take it as a "divertissement".
    You know, stuff like ... Night clubs !
    Since I am not a card counter.
    No edge, no business.
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    To succeed,
    One must first survive.
    But survival doesn't imply success.
  10. People say they go to Vegas, or gamble, for fun. -- that's not fun to me.
    Going to Vegas is like telling a can feel a woman's breasts -- but after that...I'm allowed to punch you in the stomach.

    Even if I lost just one dollar on a stupid bet...I'd be kicking myself...for like...forever. :confused:
    It's not about the money; it's more about the principle of it all. How you play The Game.

    The trader in me has learned to appreciate the concept of odds and every dollar earned, or won.
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