Does ultimatum mean Iran will invade Saudi Arabia?

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  1. In what could produce a Muslim vs. Muslim military confrontation in the powderkeg that is the Middle East, Shi'a Iran is considering handing Sunni Saudi Arabia an ultimatum over sending its troops to crack down on the Shi'a majority in nearby Bahrain – a development that would be tantamount to armed conflict between the two bastions of Islam, according to a report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.
  2. ?.....Finally, some good news from the region. Happy Easter! :cool:
  3. And we're naive to think that we can give them democracy.... when half of them want to kill the other half... been that way for CENTURIES?
  4. David Cameron, The British prime minister said” We should teach the Egyptian revolution in our schools”

    Barak Obama, The American president said after the Egyptian revolution “We should raise our Children to be like the Egyptian Youth”

    Heinz Fischer, President of Austria said “The Egyptian people are the greatest in the world and deserves the Nobel prize for peace”

    Jens Stoltenberg, Norway Prime Minister said “Today, We all are Egyptians”

    CNN, One of the major TV News Channels “For the first time in history we witness people revolute and clean the streets afterwards”
  5. WND is pretty silly most of the time and again its being silly, Iran and Saudi cannot afford to go to war with each other no matter how ideologically f*cked up they both are. Not happening anytime soon folks.
  6. And meanwhile in Egypt:

    About 200 women, along with a smattering of men, gathered in Tahrir Square to urge Egypt to give women a voice in building its future. Many had been alarmed by an ominous turn of political events deemed unfavourable to women: Only one woman had been selected to the interim cabinet; the eight-member committee tasked with formulating constitutional amendments was all male; one of the proposed amendments suggested that future presidents could only be male; and the quota of 64 parliamentary seats for women had been abolished.

    The reaction in Tahrir Square that day was swift and brutal, as groups of men accosted the women, hurling insults, and much worse. They were told to go home and wash clothes, that their actions were “un-Islamic.” Some of the women were sexually harassed or groped.

    Things didn’t get any better the next day, when the army cleared Tahrir Square of encamped protesters. Amnesty International reported that at least 18 female protesters were arrested, tortured and subjected to “virginity tests.” One 20-year-old, Salwa Hosseini, described her humiliation when she was forced to take off her clothes in a room while male soldiers looked in and took photographs of her. Later, a man carried out a “virginity” exam, and she was threatened with prostitution charges.

  7. This is so true, their people are getting politically smarter all the time. In fact we shouldn't be surprised if there is more trade and co-operation among Muslim countries, like what the BRIC countries are doing.
  8. Maybe they will kill each other off
  9. Despite their hatred and / or mistrust of each other by and large Middle Eastern states manage to maintain a not unreasonable volume of cross border trade.
  10. And the USA can supply each of them with weapons to do so. :cool:
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