Does trading wear you out?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by minmike, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. minmike


    I just got back from a 2 week vaction where I traded very little, 2 hours instead of the normal 8-9. I never realized how much energy trading takes out of you. It doesn't seem that bad while I'm sitting there, but when I get home I just crash. Anyone else experience this?
  2. Surdo


    Takes a nap before lunch, it refreshes you for the afternoon session.

    Better yet, leave orders and go to the park/beach for a few hours.

    Even better, order in a little "Afternoon Delight for a pick me up!
  3. ER9


    when i used to scalp it would exhaust me. the mental energy to stay so focused for so long can be as exhausting as physical excercise.
  4. I cannot watch the market all day any more. It doesnt wear me out physically but it does mentally. I just tune in around key times during the day and see if anything looks interesting. I had a bad problem overtrading. This has helped a lot and my trading is actually better.
  5. Joab


    After the close I eat dinner go for a 30 min walk and then relax and watch tv till 11:00.

    That's all I have the energy left for !!!
  6. Cheese


    Knowing what you are doing will mean no stress whatsoever.
    Very relaxing to be in front of the screen.

    But is 'stress' just the contemporary western world rationale for endless forms of human weakness?
  7. The only thing that wears me out is reading bullshit posts about making 50% returns, making millions in a matter of months, and the like.
  8. I did get exhausted regularly before. For me, I would find it extremely difficult to code the kind of trading I do as it incorporates price vol data that can be rather fuzzy, so the discretionary aspect has to remain constant until I expand my knowledge.

    Day trading got under my skin after a while. Staring at quotes and the tape all day is not easy for someone who has trouble concentrating for extended periods. Plus I have always had terrible depression that is triggered in a pretty direct fashion from a succession of quick losses, so those two factors made scalping exhausting, regardless of the profits. Nothing is worth that kind of lifestyle as far as I am concerned. I know others who are fine with it. I'd prefer the lower risk of intraday only though if I could drill a few holes in my brain in the right places. :D
  9. bonds


    trading is mentally draining, especially when you are holding large positions and they're not going your way.
    im working on trading less, taking more breaks and cutting out early altho i find trading can be addictive...
  10. bonds


    i have to question what kind of vacation you are on where u have to trade at all? couldnt you go the 2 weeks without trading at all?
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