Does Topix, OSE, or Tocom allow foreign prop groups to connect?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by cml2949, Nov 18, 2008.

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    I'm looking to use my software and test my strategies at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Securities Exchange, or at the Tokyo Commodity Exchange..

    Do those Exchanges allow certified Proprietary Trading Groups to connect to their exchange?

    Any info helps..

    Thank You

  2. There are no prop firms in Japan, and so I doubt that they would give membership to a foreign prop firm. But here is a list of the members for you to check.

    Can't you use eSignal, which provides data from these exchanges, for your testing?
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    Do you mean no foreign prop firms in Japan or no prop firms existing in Japan?

    I know of one called Sumisho that is a prop firm in Japan..

    Thanks for the link!
  4. I live in Japan and I've never heard of or seen any advertisements for or heard of anyone using a prop
    firm either Japanese or foreign here.

    Do you have a URL for Sumisho? Or a phone number?
    I Googled and found nothing. Sumisho is the name used
    when referring to Sumitomo Trading Co.
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    The contact was established through a mutual aquaintenance..

    Most prop firms don't need to advertise. Unless they are trying to hire?!?

    Unless you are involved in that line of business many prop firms go unheard of , at least that is how it is in the U.S
  6. Well if there are any here that do not advertise like BT does in the U.S., they are surely not able to connect to the exchanges as you are looking for.
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    I don't seem to understand the reason that groups will not be able to connect to the exchange?
  8. The exchanges here are very strict as to qualifications for membership, and there are no seats to buy as you have in the U.S.
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    There is no need to have a membership to connect to the exchange here in the U.S. You just have to be certified that your software works to their requirements.

    Japan maybe different ..
  10. It is!
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