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How should we stop the Islamofascists?

  1. Fight them everywhere we can and support those fighting them, i.e. Israel

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  2. Stop engaging them abroad and concentrate on shoring our borders and security (Fortress USA)

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  3. Pick our spots abroad whilst shoring up our borders and security.

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  4. Remain detached, not interfere, and let things just work themselves out. Like Scientists.

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  5. Islamofascists? What Islamofascists? They just want to be left alone.

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  1. (Saw this on the Net):

    The Islamofascists have accomplished this:

    --Forced a change in the government of Spain.

    --Won control of the Palestinian government, and their first course of action was to start another war with Israel, which had ceded territory.

    --Infiltrated the fledgling democracy in Lebanon and pulled it into a devastating war.

    --Are on the path toward nuclear capability (Iran), with a vow to destroy Israel upon doing so.

    Their goal is not victory, it is anarchy. And anarchy is their entry into power. Afghanistan the first time around. Somalia in its current state of affairs.

    Their first target is the erosion of institutional and governmental confidence worldwide. They are not seeking to defeat the US in battle. They are not seeking to defeat Israel in battle. They are seeking the destruction of our social, economic, and governmental structures through the simple erosion of public confidence over time. In essence, they are trying to drive the international community into an international malaise, similar to the one that the US experienced after the Vietnam War. And they will leverage this motive vacuum as an opportunity for cultural imposition and theocratic domination. And when successful, they will spiral the current civilized world into chaos, confusion, and repressive dominance that will eventually ruin modern Western society.

    We are deep into this erosion of confidence and already on the path to ruin.


    What do we do about it?
  2. Islam and its fanatic leaders are not an external threat to the USA. One Trident-class submarine can turn the entire Persian empire into a sea of glass in 15 minutes.

    The threat of Islam is entirely born of immigration and procreation. If France, for example, were to become so populated with Islamic zealots that a fanatic became President, then there would be credible threat to the USA, because France has a credible nuclear arsenal and delivery mechanism.

    This doesn't mean that we should sit idly by and let Iran build nuclear weapons and long range missiles, or that we should allow Israel to be overrun by their neighbors (although, I personally have no particular moral interest in saving Israel -- its existence has strategic importance in promoting U.S. interests, so I vote to keep Israel empowered).

    Islam is a bizarre religion, which seems bent on turning back the clock of history at least 1,000 years. Why this is true, is beyond me, but unnecessary to contemplate. All that matters is that the Islamic fanatics are bent on the destruction of Western culture and they find Western institutions, be they legal, cultural, theological or any other, anathema. Eventually, there will be a violent struggle, because neither we nor they will change our belief systems to accommodate our mutual existence.

    Many people treat Hitler's demise as a demonstration of good over evil. This is a mistake in my opinion, because it fails to recognize the reality of human existence, and the one consistent trait of all human societies since the beginning of time: humans build weapons and make war. That is what we "do," like it or not.

    Hitler didn't lose WWII because he was evil. He was evil because he lost WWII. History is written by the winner of wars.

    In the end, we will be forced to choose between ourselves and our enemy -- regardless of whom that enemy may be. That is the way it always has been in human affairs, and the way it will always be.
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    In the end there will be 1000 years of peace. After Jesus comes and eliminates people like you and the Zionist International bankers who lovingly place people like you in positions of power.
  4. You seem to think that "zionist international bankers" are somehow conspiring to destroy Islam because they hate the muslims. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    The bankers, be they zionist, christian, atheist, or otherwise, are merely trying to maintain their power. And if motivating people by promoting religious fanaticism is what it takes to maintain that power, then that is what they will do.

    The mistake that you make is to believe that this struggle is about religion, or right or wrong -- it's not. It's about winning and losing -- nothing else.

    The USA was built on the graves of 12 million native americans. Does anyone really give a crap today? Nope. That's history. If the native americans had beaten back the white settlers, then they could have written history books comparing Thomas Jefferson and Ulysses Grant to Hitler. But, the native americans lost, so Geronimo and Sitting Bull are the bad guys and Jefferson and Grant the good.

    Your confusion is your Achilles heel, and it will be your downfall, because those same bankers who you hate so much, will not let mere common notions of right or wrong to get in the way of their maintenance of power. It is precisely because of this that they remain in power, while your people strap bombs to their chests and blow themselves to pieces -- ironically, with bombs probably financed by money from the very bankers you so despise.

    Welcome to reality -- have a nice day.
  5. bsmeter


    Bitch I'm caucasian and a Christian living in the West.

    As I said before, In the end there will be 1000 years of peace. After Jesus comes and eliminates people like you and the Zionist International bankers who lovingly place people like you in positions of power.

    It's people like you who are confused. You think you can live your sad pathethic lives forever. Jesus used violence only once in his entire life, and it was against people like you. Have a good day too. :D
  6. If you play the role of a Palestinian, then I will give you your due.

    As for Jesus, he has been coming back for 2,000 years. In 2,000 more years, he will still be coming back. And, people like you will still be complaining about the zionist bankers.

    And, I will have a nice day.
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  8. What?? No wonder you are fucked in the head!

    Let us get into your misconceptions one by one;

    --Forced a change in the government of Spain.

    The right wing government of Spain lost due to the involvement of Spain in Bush's war.
    To prove my point, after the Madrid bombing, mass demonstrations took to the streets in allover Spain condemning the terrorist attack yet they still voted Bush's poppet out of power.

    --Won control of the Palestinian government, and their first course of action was to start another war with Israel, which had ceded territory.

    Won elections fare and square...After all, your Bush was calling for free elections.
    their first course of action was to start another war with Israel? Are you fucking insane?
    Right after they won the elections, Israel sealed the territories, cut all outside financial transaction that was intended to support the government's operations and employees payments, cut all commerce roots to the territories in an attempt to destroy the economy and starve the population in violation of all international laws governing the treatment of civilians under occupation and continued their targeted assassination and home demolitions of the strip again in violation all all international laws governing the treatment of civilians under occupation. How fast do we fucking forget!!!

    --Infiltrated the fledgling democracy in Lebanon and pulled it into a devastating war.

    They won their seats fare and square for god sake. Did not impose themselves on any of the state's institutions and provided essential services to the improvised part of Lebanese population.

    Israel Is the one the started a war and infrastructure destruction to a group that captured 2 zionist soldiers so that they could exchange them for the hundreds of Lebanese prisoners in Israel.
    Israel was also planning this attack since the past 6 months. all what Hizeb Allah did is to expedite the pre planned Israeli attack and deprive them from the element of a surprise attack.

    --Are on the path toward nuclear capability (Iran), with a vow to destroy Israel upon doing so.

    Iran always maintained that their Nuclear technology is for peaceful purposes. It is the Zionist that hold 200 nuclear bombs and posing a threat to the whole region and the world not Iran.

    Iran did not start one single aggression against any state while it is Israel that occupies the territories of three countries in violation of 64 UN resolutions.

    Oh my god!! Some times I wonder about your NEED to believe what ever bullshit thrown to you by your Zionist friends.
  9. "Evidence of the broad nature of Hezbollah’s resistance to Israeli occupation can be seen in the identity of its suicide attackers. Hezbollah conducted a broad campaign of suicide bombings against American, French and Israeli targets from 1982 to 1986. Altogether, these attacks — which included the infamous bombing of the Marine barracks in 1983 — involved 41 suicide terrorists.

    "In writing my book on suicide attackers, I had researchers scour Lebanese sources to collect martyr videos, pictures and testimonials and the biographies of the Hezbollah bombers. Of the 41, we identified the names, birth places and other personal data for 38. Shockingly, only eight were Islamic fundamentalists. Twenty-seven were from leftist political groups like the Lebanese Communist Party and the Arab Socialist Union. Three were Christians, including a female high-school teacher with a college degree. All were born in Lebanon.

    "What these suicide attackers — and their heirs today — shared was not a religious or political ideology but simply a commitment to resisting a foreign occupation. Nearly two decades of Israeli military presence did not root out Hezbollah. The only thing that has proven to end suicide attacks, in Lebanon and elsewhere, is withdrawal by the occupying force."

    From the author of the most comprehensive academic study on suicide bombings.

    His overriding conclusion is that suicide bombings are overwhelmingly due to foreign occupation and not the religion of Islam.

    The handfull of boofheads that post the xenophobic nonsense about worldwide Islamo Fascist conspiricies should take some time to consider this.
  10. WAEL, I give you this opportunity now to calm down and act civilly.

    As I noted at the beginning, I found this article on the net.

    If you want to disagree but on a civil basis, fine.

    If you want to get into a flame war with me (again) as you have with so many people here, so be it.
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