Does this mean anything?

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  2. I dont know, but Obamas bike looks like a girls bike to me.
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    Appropriate given he's a girlie man.
  4. Since their bicycles are virtually identical except for color, perhaps your observation says more about you.
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    Wrong again pecker breath.
  6. Blue & white = almost identical??? :confused: Almost as fucked up as the rest of Gabby's logic...

  7. By your logic, you are accepting the color difference as the principal distinction between the two bikes, which is what I already noted in my earlier post. For you to take issue with my observation and support peil's opinion is to imply that blue is a "girl's color." How about a big "LOL" to complete your self portrait of buffoonery.
  8. I never supported anything or any opinion. I never said that any color belonged to one gender or another, you just made that up. It's no suprise that you'd make a non sequitur like that with your logic however. ROFL!!!

    LOL!!! The guy who can't tell the blue bike apart from the white one wants to offer a logical critisim!!! LOL!! Too funny!!

  9. My original remark was in response to peil characterizing Obama's bike as a girl's bike. Since the only visible difference is one of color, the only conclusion to draw is that peil thinks a blue bike is a girl's bike. For you to take issue with my comment about color not being a meaningful difference is to agree with peil. And the conclusion to be drawn from this final observation is that you're both blithering idiots.
  10. LOL!! Just because I call you out on being a fucking moron who can't tell the difference between a blue bike and a white bike doesn't mean that I agree with peil! Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I agree with peil. That's the kind of logical falacy that only a fucking idiot who can't tell the difference between blue and white could make.. ROFLMAO!!!!! Don't get mad at me corky, go study your fcking coloring book!! LOL!! LOL!!! LOL!!! Now when you're done I want you to make me a nice picture with both blue and white on it so I can hang it on the refrigerator...

    LMAO LMAO LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

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