Does This mean anything to you

Discussion in 'Trading' started by madmaxer, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. I have noticed the drop in volume , as the price goes up... What do you think. ???
    -Daily Chart -
  2. Kap


    Thats fookin AMAZING !! :D short the ranch !
  3. It means nothing. If you look at past price and volume action it's all over the place. Prices and rise, fall, or flat line with falling volume.
  4. ehorn


    To me, it indicates that this up movement is NON-Dominant and we are awaiting the return to Dominance (Down) where we will see Volume Increasing.
  5. Can INTEL start it.. who knows...
  6. It means there has been diminishing futures BUY side participation as the market has traded higher.....why BUY at high retail pricing levels when there was ample support levels (865's to 868's and 975's to 978's) on the way up these past months to catch this rally.
  7. maxpi


    It's being accumulated ahead of news... Are there unusual volumes in the options? Usually insiders play the options, the gains are way more...