Does this look like a fraud?

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    " Deposit US$ 100+ and you will be a SIP and receive SIP income or deposit US$ 1'000+ and you will participate additionaly in SAP, SRP & SFP
    SIP 20% Monthly average interest for 15 months = 300%
    SAP 10% referral commission of referred investors. Instant withdrawal
    SRP 10% of Referrals increasing with monthly interest. Withdraw Monthly
    SFP 10% of monthly group volume for every $10’000 matched each side"

    Would the ad be sufficient reason for reporting to the authority and starting an investigation?
  2. maxpi


    There's a chance to participate in the SAP [that' short for sap] and you want them busted?? Where is your entrepreneural spirit?
  3. My mother, widowed for the second time, got what they call a "shotgunning" letter from a company.

    You may have an unclaimed annuity. You need to call now. Blah blah.

    I've been a licensed Insurance Agent for thirty years, so I knew She didn't have one, but her husband might have. When I called, I realized they were targeting old folks for appointments which they would sell to any scumbag who would buy the lead, and it pissed me off. They just pull a name, address, and send, "you may have an annuity." I called the State. I had to explain the scam to them, but they got it. Call ed me up one day, asked if I'd sign an affadavit and testify. You bet your ass I did and would.

    If we don't stand up for ourselves one at a time, who will? Go get 'em. Your State Attny Gen will do the job.

    Clinton Schumer and those criminals will be taking hedge fund money, so the lines are drawn. Us and them.