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    According to Baumeister, The psychology of irrationality: Why people make foolish, self-defeating choices (2003), he concluded his survey with the following findings:

    1. Under emotional distress, people shift toward favoring high-risk, high payoff options, even if these are objectively poor choices. This appears based on a failure to think things through, caused by emotional distress.

    2. When self-esteem is threatened, people become upset and lose their capacity to regulate themselves. In particular, people who hold a high opinion of themselves often get quite upset in response to a blow to pride, and the rush to prove something great about themselves overrides their normal rational way of dealing with life.

    3. Self-regulation is required for many forms of self-interest behavior. When self-regulation fails, people may become self-defeating in various ways, such as taking immediate pleasures instead of delayed rewards. Self-regulation appears to depend on limited resources that operate like strength or energy, and so people can only regulate themselves to a limited extent.

    4. Making choices and decisions depletes this same resource. Once the resource is depleted, such as after making a series of important decisions, the self becomes tired and depleted, and its subsequent decisions may well be costly or foolish.

    5. The need to belong is a central feature of human motivation, and when this need is thwarted such as by interpersonal rejection, the human being somehow ceases to function properly. Irrational and self-defeating acts become more common in the wake of rejection.
  2. ur thinking too much mate...

    I post so that I can get help from other brilliant minds.
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    I am going to buy this book. Very very good observations.
  4. Now you can understand the reason behind your foolishness. :D

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  6. Hard to believe.. but, there are geniouses among us.
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  9. Baumeister's reasoning is pretty lame: making "bad choices" doesn't necessarily follow being "in distress". My explanation is far better: depressed people by definition seek stimulation; putting oneself in danger--perhaps by placing a trade--necessarily increases adrenaline levels in the brain. In addition, scientists find some people likely to crave stimulation; these people are often called "adrenaline junkies". Clearly, scientists today believe there is a link between certain kinds of brain chemistry and abnormal behaviour. Baumeister needs to define terms better and learn to reason more clearly.

    I've never had much regard for German thinking.
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    Posting is a lot like the market/s.
    You get the start of a thread. The to and fro. A predominate opinion soon takes hold. This opinion will have a 'wave' of supporters, untill, a strong and decisive post provides resistance, provoking support for the contrary opinion. Then....
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