Does This Desktop Ticker Exist???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by demonet, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. demonet


    I find the CNBC ticker very useful, especially after market trades.

    However, I am not always able to watch CNBC after 4:00pm EST. Does anyone know of a software or webpage based ticker that will show trades after market?

    I know there are plenty of tickers out there, but I don't mean the "customized" list/portfolio tickers which just shows your own portfolio or stocks you are watching, but one that will show every stock (maybe filtered by some minimum volume).

    I know that this is virtually impossible during the day given the number of trades, but is there anything I can download for free or $$ that will show me after-market trades, but that is able to show trades from all equities, not just my "watchlist"?

    Obviously I would prefer real time data, but I have searched the web and cannot find any ticker that reports marketwide trades (i.e. trades from all of the exchanges), so delayed data would be fine in the absence of real-time data.

    CNBC has a ticker available at their website, but it appears to be simply the type which displays a pre-selected list of equities.
  2. try esignal last formt
  3. demonet


    Yeah....LastFormT does give you after hours trades, but only up to the 200 symbols you have in a quote window.

    If CNBC can put up a ticker that shows trades all day long for EVERY market, why can't somebody on the web do it? I mean even if it cost $1000/month, can it be done or not?

    Does anyone have any experience or knowledge pertaining to this??
  4. Doesn't Tradestation have a ticker, with an unlimited amount of symbols? Again -- last trade would apply here...
  5. When I used Realtick they had a pretty good customizable ticker. I haven't used it in about 3 years...but I remember being able to filter by volume, market etc.

    Trade well.
  6. Dustin


    I think CyberTrader has this. If I remember correctly it was a ticker that would show any afterhours ECN trade. That was a couple years ago so maybe a current user could tell you more.

    Edit: I think it is only for ISLD. Scroll down to "See what others are trading" and look at the top right box: