Does this Dell Q8200 sound like a good deal for day trading?

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    My budget allows me to buy only a desktop, not a laptop. Laptop of such configuration is too expensive for me.

    It seems coming with a Vista. I know it's bad, but there is no other choice.

    Also, hopefully it will allow me to eventually upgrade to 4 monitors.

    Is this a 4 core, or 2 core? I am puzzled by those techie terminology...
  2. Likely a BAD CHOICE... cheap-ass mobo with onboard video (OK for 1-2 monitors... suspect for more.) Q8200 is OK, though. You can still get XP on many of Dell's models. Get a Precision T3400, you won't be sorry.
  3. But this is a Quad. A similarly priced T3400 will only give me 2 core, am I right?
  4. T3400s come with both C2Ds and Quads.
  5. But I've browsed Dell website. That T3400 with Quads' price is horrible for me. I am really having a tight budget...
  6. Trading is a game for men (and women) with the money to play it.

    If you have Short Money, you shouldn't even be in the game, period.
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    Unless you are planning on connecting multiple monitors, the cheapest system will do for any trading style. I have still to see a retail trading platform that requires more than a basic PC with a decent amount of memory for the OS version is running.
  8. My cheap laptop keeps freezing when I open multiple software and multiple windows and multiple tabs when browsing Internet. So since I am a multi-tasking person, and want to be efficient in not only trading but other computer works, a slow PC is really bad for me.
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    Do buy a new computer by all means, but for what you need, it doesn't matter if it's core 2 duo or quad, or whatever. Better load on memory.
  10. My current laptop is a 2 core. But it keeps hanging . I am a multi-tasking guy... and feel it is too slow...
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