Does Thinkorswim pays

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  1. I would like to open an accoutn with them but...

    ...does Thinkorswim pays a little interest on the money left in the account ?

    thank you
  2. anyone knows ?
  3. Yes.
    The default interest rate is very low if you are a small trader, just like IB gives you nothing on the first 10k. If you have money and are an active trader you can negotiate competitive rates with them, so you need to call them to see what they can do for you.
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    they do.
  5. Wait, I am not talking about negotiating rates for commissions, I am talking about rates paid as interest on your capital sitting in the account...are we talking about the same things ?

    In other words...can you negotiate the interest they pay you ?

    thanks for your reply
  6. They currently pay Fed Funds minus 1.90% or 0.10% on daily average balances over $500.
  7. Yes
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    Essentially the answer is no. Currently they only pay 0.10%.