Does the YM lead the ES?

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  1. Does the YM lead the ES?

    If it doesnt then all those who follow in this path have been duped.

    If it does then it will show up in the T & S of the ES, so why both watching both instruments.
    In fact why bother trading the YM if it is going to be a front runner.

    The answer to this puzzle is a job for clear thinkers.
  2. Trade the NQ? :)
  3. Sometimes the DAX leads the ES
  4. Tums


    sometimes the ES leads the YM.

    (those who read half the story will forever remains in mystery.)
  5. doli


    YM leads ES when it does; at other times, it doesn't.
    If only we could know whether YM is leading ES right now.
  6. KS96


    ...and sometimes it doesn't.

    Nothing leads or lags.
  7. ammo


    leading the es are, the oex ,top 100 stocks in es makesup 60%,sp 400 makes up remaining 40%
  8. mjh


    Sometimes the ES will lead the Ym if the Ym is not leading the es but if the es is leading the Ym on Es leading days the Ym will be following the es in a following type manner. Now if you find the Ym is leading the es in a leading fashion with respect to how something leads then you know for sure that in fact it is leading so what you do is go to your leading style trading indicators for the day. Otherwise fuck it.
  9. Tums


    sometimes the EURO leads everything.

    (if you don't know what you are looking for.)
  10. Congrats to you mjh.
    That is the best explanation I have ever read.

    As far as I am concerned all players enter the arena through the T & S and that is what I watch.
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