Does the Us owe Canada 1 billion dollers?

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  1. Under Nafta, the US intervention in banks, mulitple businesses from cars to general electric is a violation of nafta agreements on subsidies and tariffs. In 2007 canada had to give 1 billioin dollers the states b/c they settled on a dispute over subdizing softwood lumber. We were protecting the softwood lumber industry from causing a systemic crash in our economic system. Its the same line as the US protection of your multiple industries you spent subdizing the last few months. So you guys owe us 1 billion :) thanks, and please put it in your next taft bill :)
  2. If you're going to try to make a point, at least use a quick spell checker. Especially in the title of your thread!!!
  3. No, but we do owe Canada a green dress, a monkey and some pre-wrapped sausages (but not pre-wrapped bacon, thankfully, because no one makes it).
  4. the point is americans are a bunch of hypocrites. They were moaning and bsing a few years ago about unfair trade practices, subsudies, everything under the bus, and you guys are doing the same stuff but 10000 times worse. We were just protecting our industry from causing systemic problems, and we won our nafta ruling. but the americans didnt want to obey the rulings that they agreed to. come on you have to admit rice rocket, americans do not follow the rule of law, they claim to follow and admire.

  5. There's quite a difference between subsidizing a lumber industry and saving the financial system. Your comparison is a joke. It's like comparing a beaver dam and hoover dam.
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    Americans only understand leverage

    other nations are hypocrites too

    the entire world is pile of steaming mulch
  7. I bought off Harper for less than a dollar- I stopped buying the newspaper.
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    American Imperialists

    you could learn a lot from Canada

    a freakin lot
  9. Like What?
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    Like managing budget, not spreading yourself too thin

    Like meaning of word democracy

    that's right, Americans have no IDEA anymore what democracy is

    Canada has 4 main political parties, not 2 like Americans

    These parties are actually different from one another, where as in US, dems and republicans are one and the same

    Canada gives health care as a RIGHT

    not privilege like in US for those who were lucky to be born smarter or lucky to get better jobs etc


    go ahead dare me to do it
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