Does the U.S. Produce Too Many Scientists?!!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by nitro, Mar 18, 2010.

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    I live in a college town and many science and engineering grads are still looking for a job from last year.

  3. 1) The US may be producing too many American AND foreign scientists.
    2) It is a "good" thing that the education takes place here and not overseas.
    3) The lack of jobs can be blamed on foreign students who do not return to their native country and therefore put downward pressure on wages and opportunities.
    4) "White people" can still be more interested in finance-related careers instead of scientific-oriented careers to explain the decline in their graduation numbers. Blame it on GS. :(
  4. We're still hiring engineers like crazy here near DC.
  5. For productive jobs or taxpayer-funded jobs? :confused:
  6. You answered your own question.
    As far as the judgment that defense contractors aren't "productive", it's a red herring. You have to be willing to go where the work is to be employed, plain and simple.

    One could argue that trading is about as productive as being a lawyer or real estate agent. i.e. they take money but don't really make anything.
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    Trading ftw ololololololololol :p
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    I know engineers who graduated during the 2002-2003 recession who still haven't found jobs afterwards. In the high tech sector.

    A complete and utter disaster, IMHO. The new grads might be fresher, but they have been exposed to commensurately higher expenses and debt load.
  9. Tell 'em to go where they print the money. Right here in Washington. :cool: