Does the Right Wing seek Third World status?

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  1. The Right Wing is known for its penchant for very low taxes, limited government services and regulatory intervention, little if any social safety net, the resulting and gradual but inevitable squeezing out of the middle class, guns and more guns, and lots of religion. How is what the Right Wing wants any different from what any number of Third World countries have to offer?
  2. omitting all of your irrelevant horse squeeze
    Namely legal and enforced property rights.
  3. Oh, so that's the only difference? Thanks for the clarification.
  4. Where did I say that was the only difference?

    I only mentioned the cornerstone of successful Western civilization (in which you obviously fail to appreciate it's significance) because I knew it was superfluous to your intellectual capacity.
  5. Handpicking similarities between some shithole and a political party/economic philosophy, and then drawing conclusions based on this non contextual information is... well just a intentional lie. Anyone can do this, if you aren't just trollin, why don't you get more in depth?
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    Does the Right Wing seek Third World status?

    The real question is does Gadfly seek yet another thread with no substance and a one star status?

  7. No. The intentional lie is the Far Right's claim that they love their country when, in fact, they only love themselves to the exclusion of everything else and all others. And even that would be ~okay if they just came out and admitted it. Instead, they wave the flag and invoke God for show and effect.

    "Handpicked?" Hardly. The points I raised earlier form the cornerstone of the Far Right ideology. Granted, I may have missed a couple, but don't dismiss the relative importance of points listed.
  8. Of course as usual your whole premise is wrong headed.

    I provided you with the chief difference between 1st world and 3rd world countries since you seemed interested in albatrossing "right wing*" with 3rd world tendencies.

    *I can only presume your "right wing" consists of everybody more conservative than you to include libertarians such as myself.